poems for grandfather's day

poems for grandfather's day

poems for grandfather

grandfather's day, day grandmother and grandfather

You worked something

You worked something
half a century almost,
when she turned gray with anxiety
All your head is silver.
Grandpa our dear!
Today I accept greetings from our grandchildren:
Let happiness shine through your days
and throws you at your feet!
We are your granddaughters and grandchildren
we learn from your life
– We love you so much, Grandpa!
Today we offer gifts at your knees,
Be happy, Grandpa,
we will give you lots of kisses!

Live us grandpa a hundred years

Live us grandpa for a hundred years
May health and strength serve you
Let no worries
They do not cloud your forehead
and be always happy with your grandchildren.
I am not a poet,
I don't compose poems.
But for you, grandpa
my best wishes…
For your Grandpa, good deeds
health happiness, strength, glory
today for your name day
sincerely wishes your little grandson

You grandpa know well,

You grandpa know well,
what your grandson wishes you:
health, the treasures you want,
happiness and sweetness.
Let my only grandpa
lives long and pleasantly,
let his happiness run for hours
and let him take comfort from me.

Listen to me grandpa darling,

Listen to me grandpa darling,
When I got out of bed, I was sleepy,
I looked at the sky through the window,
Suddenly I had an epiphany.
Tiny clouds floating in the sky
They made me run to you quickly.
I had to offer you my best wishes,
Make your dreams come true.
As a gift I give you my heart,
Because in mine, I feel yours.
If two hearts love each other that way,
They will surely experience happiness in life.

I'm not a poet, I don't compose poems

I'm not a poet, I don't compose poems.
But I extend my sincerest best wishes to you, grandfather…

I'm still little

I'm still little
I have a tiny one, feet, handles and handles
but my wishes for that
flow straight from the heart.
He will not paint the card yet,
I will not bring a flower,
but I love my grandfather very much!
I'm still small,
but when I grow up already
I'll bring you grandpa
a whole bouquet of roses,
I will give you a big hug and I will not let you go!

Grandpa, Grandpa, is that you?

Grandpa grandpa is it you?
Something is shining on your head.
to korona!
The word gives
after all, I know fairy-tale crowns
Is that an armchair?
of course not
It's not an armchair, it's a throne.
And in general and in detail
You are grandpa king today!
You ask what the riddle is?
It's just a grandfather's day!!!

Let joy and joy continue

Let joy and joy continue
Your loved one adorns your temple…
And let the sky smile on you…
And God always protects the hand…

dear grandpa, Grandpa nice

dear grandpa, Grandpa nice
What will your grandchild tell you??
may God increase your strength,
May good health give you!
Let you patron Dziadziu constantly
the sun of happiness shines in heaven!
Live in honor, honor and glory
among my grandchildren and children!
This is what I wish on the day of your name
Nice to you grandpa, expensive,
And by making these wishes
I'll kiss my hands, legs…

you, my dear Grandpa

you, my dear Grandpa,
I wish you happiness and abundance.
Always smile because I love you sincerely
at home, at the cinema and on a walk.

Today is Grandpa's Day

Today is Grandpa's Day, so we'll do what he wants. We will give a little flower because:
grandpa is like a mechanic – will fix everything
grandpa is like a babysitter – will take care of us,
grandpa is like a fairy – will conjure up everything,
grandpa is like mom – sometimes he will scream,
because that's why grandpa is
We love you, your grandchildren.

I love you grandpa for all my life

I love you grandpa for all my life, You only know what fear is, I will only come to you to help, You always know how to console me, so dear grandpa, love me always.

My dear grandfather, i love you for it

My dear grandfather, i love you for it, that you are in the world, for that, that you love me too. Who can't love, this one cannot live, It is impossible to live without love…

I remember the moments spent together with emotion

Dear Grandpa…. I remember the moments spent together with emotion… Great patience, you have always had for me and joy, you brought into my childhood… I hug you tightest today. Your granddaughter ….

On the occasion of Grandfather's Day, we wish you good health

On the occasion of Grandfather's Day, we wish you good health, Dear Grandpa, so that you can play with us for a long time. Let your every dream come true soon, and let pain and suffering be forgotten.

Grandpa, Grandpa on your mustache from ear to ear

Grandpa, Grandpa smiles on your mustache from ear to ear, walking with you, I feel myself growing with each step in my blue sneakers. Dear my big man, a wizard with blue eyes, when we come home for dinner, I will put my hands around your neck.

Dear Grandpa! May it be on your feast day

Dear Grandpa! Let everything you dream come true on your holiday, and each new day will be filled with happiness and joy.