Mother's Day in Poland

Mother's Day is celebrated in Poland with much respect and is a rather solemn feast. On this day, they are held in many places ceremonial academies, performances and performances for all moms. The youngest give their mothers cards, flowers, they submit wishes. Of course, a child of all ages should remember Mother's Day and even call them on this day with wishes. Mother's Day in Poland reaches 1923 year, when mothers could celebrate their day in Poland for the first time.

Good to remember, że jednym z najlepszych gifts, what can we give to our Mother is time, which we will dedicate to her. If the adult child already lives far from home, for example, abroad, tradycyjnie powinno wysłać a postcard. Nowadays you can also send electronic card, which you can create yourself.

In Polish schools and kindergartens, Mother's Day is celebrated very much solemnly. Children prepare performances, refreshments for moms, they give them flowers, laurels lub inne upominki, which they have made themselves. Certainly, each of us remembers inviting his mother to such an academy, his mother. Dzień Matki jest a unique holiday, dlatego powinien być obchodzony with dignity and solemnity. Unfortunately, it is already happening, that if any holiday is so original, it is also commercialized. That's why you have to be careful, lest Mother's Day become so exaggerated, such as Valentine's Day, advertising of which is often a gross exaggeration.