Mother's Day wishes

Mother's Day wishes

Mother's Day greetings often take the form of poems and songs for moms.


Thank you dear mother for this,
that you love me very much.
your smile for me,
you enclose every sorrow in your heart.
Today my heart says:
thank you mother for your love.
She will remain like the light
for my whole life.


My dear mother
Already today in the morning
I offer you the best wishes
On the occasion of your holiday
So that you are always smiling
And that you have a lot of luck
Because you are so lovely!
Dear mother smile
after all, today is your day
That's why I send you my best wishes from my heart:
I sincerely wish you mother,
health and joy,
that every day is for you
adventure and a reason for joy.


For your love from your heart,
For the trouble with raising me.
Please accept today on Mother's Day,
These wishes are modest.
I wish you sincerely,
I wish you health and joy.
I wish you from your heart,
The gift of love always flows.


M. Czelar For Mom

Of all the flowers in the world
I would like to break… the sun
and give them to you afterwards,
golden and hot.
The sun is far away,
but don't worry, mom,
I drew the second ... It's almost the same!
I'll kiss you now, as hot as i can,
because I love you so much, that no more can be done!


B. Lewandowska A whole meadow for mom

Mom, come with us!
We will give you - a meadow!
With flowers, with a lark,
with the sun.
To sniff, listening, looking ...
And we will add wishes to the meadow:

Even, when it gets cloudy in the sky,
even, when trouble arises,
we smile at each other
always like here, like now!