First names letter D

First names letter D.

Damian – social worker. Kind and accommodating. Personality, who likes to help others in suffering. He attaches importance to money if he needs it.
Name day: 12 February, 23 February, 14 July, 26 September, 27 September, 14 November
Damazy – always mobile and absorbed in current affairs. Creative mind. Hungry for power and money
Daniel – advisory, full of responsibility to himself and others. good judge. Generous, with great artistic taste.
Name day: 3 January, 10 April, 15 July, 21 July, 10 October, 13 October, 10 of December, 11 of December
Darius – fair, Good, understanding others. Protective. Nice and helpful, both physical and mental.
Name day: 19 of December
David – protective, hearty, understanding, inventive and ambitious. Has great organizational and leadership skills.
Name day: 15 July, 29 of December, 30 of December
Dionysius – critical, it is easy to throw him off balance. He likes traveling, comfort and happy company. He is darts and knows the situation quickly.
Name day: 26 February, 8 April, 2 September, 9 September, 20 September, 2 October, 9 October, 16 October, 16 November, 17 November, 26 of December, 30 of December
Dobiegniew – has a strong character and good will. It is a support for those in need of help. He does not like a hostile attitude towards human affairs.
Dobiesław – protective, prudent, fair. Often a social worker. Likes to be established.
Janitor – nice, cheerful, sociable. Often a homebody, willingly welcoming others to their home
Domaslaw – protective, fond of social work. Caring about the fame of his home.
Name day:
Dominik – fair, a good man. His aspiration is to help others. He can be understanding to everyone and explain them with the difficulties of life.
Name day: 9 brand, 12 house, 6 July, 4 of August, 8 of August, 14 October, 27 November, 20 of December, 29 of December
Given – likes to be gifted, admired and famous. Often generous to others.
Name day: 17 February, 25 February, 7 April, 21 house, 7 of August, 5 October