First names letter G

First names letter G.

Gabriel – noble, great philanthropist. Gifted and with versatile interests, especially towards music. He likes to be in power. He is often a good lecturer.
Name day: 10 February, 27 February, 24 brand, 29 September
Gerard – warlike, perfectly able to defend themselves and to defend others. Brave and brave, with great strength of character.
Name day: 30 January, 23 April, 24 September, 3 October, 16 October, 24 November
Gerwazy – sensitive, ingenious, attractive type of man. He likes to go his own ways. Easily upset.
Name day: 18 June, 19 June
Gotard – God-fearing, all trust in God. fair, good and obliging.
Name day: 6 July
Gotfryd – fair, merciful, kind and obliging, bringing peace and defense to the weaker, and the poor to be protected and sheltered.
Name day: 13 January, 8 November
Gratian – with a pleasant appearance and a great deal of personal charm. Nice, polite, hearty, witty. Liked by the environment.
Name day: 18 of December
Gregory – prudent, having a sober mind and distinguished by great prudence. Witty. Critical. Noble and emotional. He likes changes and travels.
Name day: 2 January, 4 January, 13 February, 12 brand, 24 April, 4 house, 9 house, 25 house, 25 of August, 3 September, 30 September, 16 October, 17 November, 28 November, 24 of December
Gustave – insightful with great intuition. Good organizer. Has innate managerial abilities. Cultural. Constant. He has a large group of wide acquaintances. Tends to gamble.
Name day: 2 of August
Mites – controversial nature, sensitive and good on the one hand, on the other hand, belligerent and ruthless.
Name day: 31 brand, 12 September