First names letter H.

First names letter H..

Henry – noble and loyal, but secretive and confident. A good conciliator. A good leader. He likes to be the master in his own home. He is a gifted orator.
Name day: 19 January, 19 February, 2 brand, 10 April, 12 July, 15 July, 2 September
Herbert – a distinctive personality. Good leader of the masses and people. Confident, independent. The undertaken projects are carried out with watchmaking precision. Sometimes sophisticated.
Name day: 16 brand
Herman – good organizer. He likes to be active socially or publicly. He has a great sense of responsibility for what he does.
Name day: 7 April, 11 April, 13 June, 11 of August
Jerome – astute, sometimes stubborn, but cultured and subtle. Good, fair. Enterprising, frugal, impatient and always busy.
Name day: 8 February, 3 brand, 9 July, 20 July, 30 September, 4 of December
Hilary – conservative. Good orator. Devoted to family and closest friends. He likes to advise everyone, more than once they need it.
Name day: 11 January, 14 January, 16 brand, 21 October
Hippolytus – he is a good person by nature. He loves nature, animals and birds. She loves horses the most.
Name day: 3 February, 13 of August, 22 of August, 21 September
Honorius – ambitious, has a lot of ideas, which are not always achievable. Good, sometimes changeable. Fair, demanding respect for oneself and for the closest ones.
Hubert – bold, devoted friend. He has great intuition. He has great managerial abilities. He has a lot of humor and wit. The mind is quick and foresight.
Name day: 3 November