First names letter I.

First names letter I..

Ignatius – a man with a fiery heart, full of inner fire, the heat of thoughts and feelings, ready to sacrifice without limits.
Name day: 1 February, 11 house, 15 July, 31 July, 17 October, 23 October, 15 of December
Innocent – humble, straightforward, humble. Widely liked and respected. It gives way to others.
Name day:
Irenaeus – he doesn't like criticism. Loyal, although sometimes very secretive. Full of temperament. He likes long journeys. Emotional, with a changeable temper.
Name day: 25 brand, 6 April, 28 June
Isidore – type with great temperament. Energetic. Analyzing everything, minute, but also not fond of deepening their interests.
Name day: 2 January, 7 January, 15 January, 5 February, 17 February, 4 April, 10 house, 15 house, 27 house, 14 of December