First names beginning with A.

First names beginning with A..

Adam – independent, analyzing. Limited in his initiatives due to a lack of self-confidence, but fond of emphasizing its importance. He likes peace.
Name day: 6 April, 24 of December
Adolf – character with temperament, dynamic, a capable leader with consistent convictions. In the absence of self-control, it can be dangerous.
Name day: 11 February, 14 February, 19 April, 17 June, 21 of August
Adrian – personality dynamic courageous and intuitive. Has innate managerial abilities. Philanthropist.
Name day: 4 brand, 5 brand, 8 July, 8 September
Albert – clear mind, has a lot of nobility and understanding towards other people. Great ability to predict events.
Name day: 18 February, 17 June, 7 of August, 15 November, 21 November
Aleksander – protective, defending the weaker against the stronger. Piercing, often insidious. He spends a lot of time with family matters.
Name day: 15 January, 26 February, 27 February, 10 brand, 18 brand, 20 brand, 24 April, 3 house, 18 house, 10 July, 17 July, 11 of August, 28 of August, 13 September, 12 of December
alfons – restless type, eager to fight, with little self-esteem. He likes to analyze everything.
Name day: 1 June, 27 July, 1 of August, 2 of August, 16 of August, 19 September, 30 October, 31 October
Alfred – reasonable, smart, knows how to give good advice. He doesn't like getting involved in his personal affairs. It can also be calculated.
Name day: 4 July, 19 July, 4 of August, 14 of August, 14 of December
Aloysius – a wise man, frugal in words, but crushing everything under unfavorable conditions.
Name day: 21 June
Ambrose – strong individuality that cannot stand criticism. Creative, restless with a lot of humor. Talented in learning foreign languages.
Name day: 20 brand, 4 April, 16 of August, 16 October, 2 November, 7 of December
Anastasius – likes to heal human souls and bodies, give hope to the doubters. Bringing consolation and often joy with him.
Name day: 22 January, 27 April, 20 house, 11 June, 5 of December
Anatol – sunny, nice, kindly. In unfavorable conditions, it can be annoying and annoying.
Name day: 20 brand, 2 house, 3 July, 20 November
Andrzej – born leader, having a personality of importance in public life. A courageous, insightful and advisory nature.
Name day: 6 January, 19 January, 4 February, 12 April, 27 April, 13 house, 16 house, 12 July, 16 July, 17 July, 21 July, 1 November, 10 November, 24 November, 30 November, 10 of December
Antoni – critical mind, versatile. A good expert on human nature. Stubborn and fickle. Consistent in the decision taken once.
Name day: 9 January, 12 January, 17 January, 6 February, 1 brand, 28 brand, 3 April, 10 April, 7 June, 13 June, 5 July, 7 July, 24 July, 3 September, 24 October, 31 October, 7 November, 28 of December
Anzelm – power-hungry, believer in success, frugal. Always busy. It's hard to convince him, because he insists on his judgment.
Name day: 18 brand, 21 April
Arkadiusz – lucky guy, he likes abundance and comfort. A bit lazy. Sensitive, keen observer. Stubborn, demanding.
Name day: 12 January, 4 brand, 13 November
Arnold – likes to control any situation. Hungry for power and influence on others. It has intuition, which always allows you to anticipate matters, which are invisible to others.
Name day: 19 February, 18 July, 9 October
Artur – slow, but a critical mind. Frugal. He wants to adapt people and circumstances to his requirements and preferences. Artistic and sensitive nature.
Name day: 6 October
Anastasius – about fixed rules, does not change his mind, unless there are some unforeseen circumstances
Name day:
August – authoritative, ambitious, often versatile. Creative mind. Not very frugal. Dedicated to the family. A great philanthropist.
Name day: 28 January, 29 April, 19 house, 28 house, 28 of August