Wishful blunders, that is, how not to make wishes?

In the era of messaging, it's hard to miss someone's birthday or an important celebration, and classic birthday cards have been replaced by convenient and fast poems in SMS. But is memory alone enough?? Are there savoir-vivre rules for making birthday wishes??

It turns out, that not all birthday greetings made deserve to be called valuable, and some of them can leave the recipient a lot of disgust. Here are the main mistakes made when making a wish!


Too general.

Every day we get a lot of notifications on our messengers - including those about our friends' birthdays. Sending a short "happy birthday" takes us as much as possible 10 seconds. However, it is worth considering, do such birthday greetings even make sense and will the celebrity notice them in the multitude of identical ones?? As long as an old friend from primary school may not have a problem with it, a mom or a friend will surely enjoy more personal words, terminated in person or by telephone.


Too intimate.

You can also make a mistake the other way around. It is not welcome to mention financial matters (“Better paid job!”) or intimate ("So that you finally have a baby!”). Such birthday wishes zyczenia.eu they will certainly embarrass the recipient, and they can often make her upset.


Birthday wish format.

Birthday greetings sent with decorative cards are not very popular anymore. They have been replaced by free texts and e-mails - most often out of convenience. It's worth it once a year though, even to the closest people, give a birthday card. It's a nice gesture, which will surely be appreciated and bring a smile to your face. Let us leave e-mails and texts for business partners or distant friends.


Poems and nursery rhymes.

Websites are teeming with "funny" nursery rhymes. You only need to copy, paste in the message and sign yourself ... The fashion for birthday greetings in the form of poems is happily passing! This solution is not only inelegant, but also infantile.