The prom is the first real ball in people's lives, entering adulthood, so it is worth taking care of, so that they have the best memories of this special evening. Similarly, as in the case of a wedding - the organization of a successful prom requires considerable organizational skills, or at least having a good plan. Of course, everything falls on the shoulders of parents and teachers, because the youth is busy (officially) preparation for the final exams and (less officially) preparations for the prom. So what elements should be taken care of first of all?

First of all - you need to organize the right place. Times, When the prom was organized in the school gym, they have happily gone down in history. Today it is the standard, that schools rent ballrooms in manors, palaces or hotels. The cost of renting such a room is a minimum 1500 PLN, although prices may of course fluctuate depending on location.

The ballroom will come in handy before the prom: after all, a general attempt to dance a traditional polonaise should take place there, if only for that, to tame the youth with its greatness and avoid a spectacular disaster during the ball.

Second, the aborigines must eat something, so it is necessary to arrange catering. Although, Most of the centers with a ballroom also offer catering services, but it is always worth considering the option of ordering external catering - in some cases it may turn out to be a much cheaper solution.

When ordering catering, it should be precisely what we expect: how many hot dishes there will be and at what time they will be served, and also what snacks I will be, fruit, cakes and drinks. As a rule, at this type of event, the best option is the Swedish table.

Third - the decor of the hall. Having a little imagination and manual skills, you can arrange the decorations yourself, possibly involving the interested parties themselves. In some cases, the ballroom owner offers basic decor, so it is worth asking how exactly the room will look like: do we need to arrange the tablecloths by ourselves, flowers etc.. or is it included in the price. Sometimes it happens, that the catering company also organizes table decorations, that's why it's worth asking, do they offer such a service and what are the costs associated with it?.

And fourth - musical setting. Although, high school graduates are aged, when tastes (also musical) are just taking shape, which can lead to all sorts of experiments and extremes. Among the young people present in the hall there will certainly be lovers of the heavy ones, metal sounds and fans of techno or dance music. It is impossible to reconcile their tastes, however, you can try to find some kind of golden mean and, next to relatively neutral hits, throw in a few songs from different music genres. Important, so that no one on this special evening feels taken out of another fairy tale and misunderstood. On the Internet you can find many offers of DJs or possibly music bands, it is therefore worth comparing their offers and the opinions of others. Of course, DJ is a cheaper option - we will pay for his services on average 1300 PLN, while the band is an expense of the order 1500-2500 PLN.