Wedding manicure

Wedding manicure

The final appearance of the Bride depends on the individual details of her clothes, jewelry, makeup. They must be appropriateio matched. Only then do they form a whole. It is similar with manicure.

Because love judges with the heart, not with his eyes

William Shakespeare

Beautiful hands for the wedding

Beautiful hands and nails are an eye-catching attribute of female beauty. On this special day, we would like to look beautiful in full. Element, which will add beauty to us are well-groomed hands crowned with properly decorated nails. In order for the effect to be visible it is necessary, to take care of your hands beforehand.

If necessary, you can use professional services in beauty salons, where appropriately qualified beauticians will select a set of appropriate treatments, depending on the type and degree of skin damage. They can apply a peeling, which will improve lymphatic circulation. nail whitening bath, intensive care mask and many other treatments.

If we want to regenerate our hands ourselves, we can use many proven methods:

  • Lubricate very dry hands with glycerin overnight, with petroleum jelly and put on cotton gloves,
  • soak your hands in a linseed paste,
  • soak hands in olive oil with a few drops of lemon juice,
  • dip your hands in paraffin,
  • smear your hands with the cream several times a day, to moisturize your hands and nails,
  • use gloves when handling chemicals,
  • avoid hand dryers, which dry the skin of the hands and cause cracking of the nails,
  • thoroughly wipe hands after washing, moisture on the hands causes them to dry out and even cracking in winter,
  • follow a proper diet, vitamins

We also cannot forget about the nails, which are worth taking care of in advance. We can paint them with a special nail conditioner, which will prevent them from breaking. It is worth using a base for varnish – it will be easier to wash off then.

We can decorate wedding nails in many ways, we can decide to extend and decorate our nails or choose tips. The manicurist will professionally select the shape and width of the tips for our nail plate.

If you do not like to experiment, you can choose a traditional style of painting your nails with a delicate beige or pink varnish and finishing it with white varnish..

If you are looking for something decorative, you can decorate your nails with rhinestones, pearls, glitter. An innovative solution is to reflect the motif of an element or the texture of the dress in the form of a pattern on the nail. You can also display the floral motif from your bouquet or match the color of the motif with the dress.

Pale roses are in fashion, pastels as well as glitters. Another idea is to decorate just your finger, on which the wedding ring is put on.

However, the appearance of our dress should always be taken into account. If it is modest, we can afford a more extravagant complement to our outfit.

Let's follow the rule, that better less than too much. When looking for a suitable manicure salon, it is worth paying attention, whether it also offers modern methods of nail decoration and hand care. There are offices, in which permanent french is performed, traditional and biological manicure, cherron, nail extensions using the gel and acid-free method, artistic nail art. This gives us more choices. It's good if you can see photos of nails decorated with a given method.

Wedding manicure is best done daytime, two before the wedding, because there is no time for it on the wedding day. And remember, that our wedding manicure would only be an addition to our appearance, so that we ourselves are the most visible.