Fun and contests suitable for a wedding

Fun and contests suitable for a wedding.


Integration fun, best at the beginning of a wedding. It helps to relax and get to know each other. The fun begins with the Young Couple, shaking hands with the "spark" and passing them through the entire room from one guest to another, until he returns to the Bride and Groom.


Dobieramy dość dużą grupę osób obu płci i ustawiamy się je na przemian w kole. Then, while dancing, you begin to dance in a circle, holding hands. The bellwether interrupts the game, every now and then he dances and asks about particular parts of the body, e.g.. the handles were, the toes were? what the participants of the game respond to as appropriate. After each question, there is a change of the body part that the participants of the game hold on to.


Same people setting, co w labado. We give each other a roller like this, aby nie upadł na ziemię. The roller can be held in various ways: under the arm, under the chin, or between the knees. Do not use your hands to pass the roller. Whoever the roller falls is out of the game.


The much-liked party is usually organized just before the capitals. Jak największą ilość osób ustawia się jeden za drugim są to „nasze w wagoniki” then a long-distance train goes to the music, the dance begins. Bellwether, every now and then he stops dancing and announces, to which your guests have reached. Then the national dance is danced, np.: in Greece, Zorba, KanKana in France, in Russia, Kazachok, in the Vienna of the Waltz etc.. number of countries and tracks, it depends only on the creativity of the dance leader, and the endurance of the guests.


Playing a carriage – it is usually organized during the festival – you need to have fun 9 people, which they represent: 4 carriage wheels, 2 horses, 1 coachmen, and of course the King (Groom) and the Queen (Mrs. Young). The game is about reacting quickly to words describing individual parts or people in the carriage (you should get up and run around the chair). For not reacting to a word, e.g.. King, The groom, representing the King, must drink a glass of vodka without a drink. With a properly selected story, the game can cheer up the gathered guests to tears.

Playing with the chairs

There are several versions of this contest. Several people line up around the chairs, which are always one less than the people taking part in the competition. At each break in music “players” they are fighting for vacancies, person, who will not sit down – odpada. The last one standing wins.

dance competition

We choose a few willing couples. Potrzebujemy sędziów, who you can be. The couple who danced on the dance floor for the longest time wins.
It can take the form of dexterity or strength:
• w wersji siłowej wodzirej wymyśla coraz trudniejsze figury, np.: in a squat, with a partner on his arms, e.t.c.
• w wersji zręcznościowe tańczącej parze daje się najczęściej balon, which cannot fall down and is placed between different parts of the dancing bodies. For, which loses the balloon falls off.


W tym konkursie przydatna jest umiejętność gwizdania. Competitors are given finely ground breadcrumbs to drink in 100 gram glass, after which they have to whistle when empty. First, who succeeds gets a win.

let's get to know each other

A typical game for the bride and groom. After returning the veil and the bow tie, the newlyweds have to prove, that they got to know well during their engagement. W konkursie musi wziąć udział kilka dodatkowych osób płci obojga. We blindfold the groom. We sit the women on chairs. Among them is the bride. The groom's task is to recognize his wife by selected parts of the body, e.g.. nose, knee, uchu. Po kilkakrotnym rozpoznaniu role zamieniamy.


The bride and groom take part in the game, Witnesses and all interested guests. Drużbowie dostają koszyczki i siadają w pobliżu tańczącej Pary Młodej . Guests , aby zatańczyć z Panem lub Panią Młodą muszą uiścić opłatę u świadków. The newly collected money is spent on a stroller for their little ones.


We choose a few people, which will have to inflate the balloon. The person wins, whose first balloon will burst.


A bottle of alcohol is placed at one end of the room, na drugim stoją uczestnicy zabawy Na umówiony sygnał zawodnicy układają na podłodze sznurek ze swojej odzieży. The person wins, which will be the last to put the garment closest to the bottle.

Second face

We prepare three pieces of stockings. We choose six pairs. We put the gentlemen on chairs, The task of the ladies will be to put stockings on their heads and then take them off their faces by pulling the knot tied at the end of each stocking. The other guests applaud the funniest face of the wedding. The young couple decides who gets the most applause and wins.

Tempting Adam

We prepare a few apples with strings tied to the tails. We choose as many pairs as we have apples. The ladies' task is to keep apples on strings, the role of the Lords is to eat the apple, however, they cannot use their hands.


Fun for the skillful. We choose two pairs, they can be Young and Witnesses. We need two eggs and two chairs. Gentlemen sit on the chairs, the ladies' task is to move the egg in the legs from one leg to the other.