How to make a Christmas or New Year's card in a sack

How to make a Christmas or New Year's card in a sack

Christmas greetings are passed on in various ways. Some people do, that such personal and intimate thoughts can only be conveyed personally. Conversation conveys all emotions. Nothing is as pictorial as a sincere smile, kindly the eyes of a man during the conversation and his face, which with its facial expressions can express more than the entire dictionary. However, there are also those, who are not amateurs of expressing their feelings and emotions so directly. Nevertheless, they wish their loved ones the best and they want to convey these wishes to them. For them, the most convenient and the best is the written form, np.: życzenia świąteczne z cytatami biblijnymi.

Written wishes are a beautiful tradition. The form of handwriting and sending wishes by post, however, is becoming more and more brutal. Its place is irreconcilably replaced by electronic means. The Internet has ruthlessly taken over our lives and in this case, too, it turns to our love for simplicity and ease - offering to send a Christmas card in literally a few seconds.

However, many people still want their wishes to be something personal. For this purpose, he prepares cards personally on the computer.

One of the simpler ways to prepare a Christmas greeting card is to use Microsoft Word. However, simpler does not mean truncated. Within this program, you can try to fantasize and create something really interesting. Here are some ideas:

  • card with a photo
    a good way is to paste a picture from a file (with the option open the file - assuming, that it was previously saved on the computer). The photo can be slightly modified by applying various filters (from the image editing tab). After choosing the right style (np.: aging the photo) you need to choose the font, from the pictures menu, choose the way that text coexists with an image that suits us and write down wishes. Effect: unique wishes, that will surely delight your loved ones
  • clipart
    if we do not have our own photos, which are suitable for a holiday card, we can go ahead and use clipart. These are pictures, which the creator of the program has prepared especially for such occasions. To use this type of graphic, select the insert tab and find the clipart command in it
  • wordart
    it's unconventional, often three-dimensional typefaces, which are perfect slogans for Christmas wishes. The option to create such inscriptions can be found in the insert tab. When our text is ready, we can freely modify it, giving it the right angle of inclination or depth. Creativity is entirely up to the artist - in this case, writing a Christmas card.