Quilling and embroidered card templates

Quilling and embroidered card templates

Christmas is a special time in which we forget about the things that separate us and only do what is good, beautiful and positive. We want to share our emotions with others and build warmth, family atmosphere. One way to develop such relationships is to send Christmas wishes to each other.

Customarily, Christmas greetings take their place at the Christmas Eve table , where we meet with our immediate family. Then breaking the wafer and eating it with anointing, we communicate our wishes to each other. Usually the wishes are about healthy, wealth, prosperity and happiness. Everything that people miss most and that they could secretly desire. Such wishes are expressed in a straightforward and simple manner. Sometimes spoken with a laugh on the lips, kind and cheerful, another time with a whispered service, locked in the embrace of two people, expressing their secret wishes, thoughtful and serious. Regardless of the intention and mood, the spoken wishes are characterized by simplicity and directness related to the corporeality of speech - the accent, facial expressions or gestures that usually accompany words.

More sophisticated, although less direct and thus not so powerful, wishes can be written. People have more fun with the written word. They consider them more special, those that will stay on paper for longer, than it is spoken, which will sound after a few seconds. Written wishes are sometimes rhymed or full of poetic figures.

For these types of beautiful words you need the right form. A very personal and direct form of written wishes are Christmas cards made by hand. There are many ideas for this kind of postcard. Two of them, however, are particularly noteworthy: quilling i karty wyszywane – idealne życzenia świąteczne dla dzieci.

  • Cards made using the quilling method
    These are beautiful and unusual postcards decorated with paper of a different color. However, it is not a simple glueing method. The paper with which the cards are decorated is cut into narrow strips and rolled in a special way. These rolls can make beautiful flowers, hearts or other patterns. Of course, the colors green and red dominate the Christmas cards, and favorite themes are Christmas trees, Christmas balls and candles.
  • Embroidered holiday cards
    A very popular folk method of preparing holiday cards is embroidery. The creator can afford any color and pattern, who is embroidering. The symbol is embroidered on a piece of fabric cut in any way. Then the material is glued or sewn with a decorative stitch to the prepared cardboard, thus creating a beautiful Christmas card.