Christmas rhymes

Christmas rhymes

Christmas wishes

Christmas rhymes


When these beautiful holidays come,
everyone remembers about their loved ones.
I am sending you my best wishes.
Let the asterisk of prosperity,
which will shine again at dusk,
will lead you to happiness in the New Year.

Let the stables of Bethlehem a star
It will brighten up the rooms of your socket
And with happiness it will illuminate all the darkness
And he will remove all evil from the paths of life.

When a Child is born in Bethlehem,
it brings joy to everyone in the world.
Let happy days come with the Child of God,
and let peace shine like a star.

I have no gift for writing,
let alone foldable
nice and heartfelt wishes,
and useful,
so, so now here from here
I wish you a Merry Christmas.

Wish, which I wish you
I will not list yet,
so I give the first from the country
that you would live like in paradise
to be with my family on Christmas Eve
they all had nice faces
that he would like to be at the table
health and love package
and he was so strong with everyone
to stay all year round.

I wish you the upcoming Christmas
Fragrant, green Christmas tree,
raisin-rich dough,
a lot of money from carp scales,
gifts with all the power,
because that's why it's Christmas Eve
Let snowballs fly from the sky,
this is what all children want.
Let your dreams come true,
here are my wishes.

So that everything fits you
that there would be little trouble,
that you may always be healthy,
to get rid of the problems,
to be great,
so that life is joyful!

Little Angel is jumping, jumps on clouds,
carries wishes in Angel feathers.
He carries grandmothers and candles in his backpack,
and golden bells in suitcases.
Happy Christmas!

Holidays are just around the corner, the snow doesn't move.
Christmas Night is coming.
Then the little one will come into the world,
who can help you dispel your worries and sorrows,
When the first star lights up
someone will give you a gift unexpectedly.
What it will be, nobody knows anything,
maybe a rod, maybe a gift..
Gather your strength. Rest,
because New Year's Eve is coming.
Ball loudly, crazy,
have fun because the carnival is about to start

It's time to sit down with the family at the table,
we all share the wafer together.
We make good wishes today,
health, happiness and good luck.