Santa rhymes

Santa rhymes

Goes, walks Saint with a long gray beard

Goes, walks Saint with a long gray beard,
and two angels lead him by the hands.
They are carrying in huge baskets: sweet gingerbread,
cookies and candies, dolls, toy soldiers.
The golden star shines on everyone above the head,
they go and look for only good children.

What will you give me today, Santa?

What will you give me today, Santa?
What kind of gifts are you carrying in the sack?
I don't want a villa, i don't want gold,
Only having a wife by Tuesday!

One hundred Christmas trees in the forest

One hundred Christmas trees in the forest,
how many gifts Santa can carry,
snowman made of snow
and less life on the run,
and so much fun
what the fish wishes…

Dear, Santa Claus

Dear, Santa Claus,
what you come straight from paradise
and you have a star for the children,
tell me what you will give me today?
I remember, last year,
you came to us at dusk,
you had a lot of things with you
and everything for good children.
So all year long,
long as the milky way
I've been waiting for you dear
and I tried to be polite.
And when you are here with us today
and have gifts with you,
though give a small piece for Ania
that she would have a happy face.

6 of December – as you well know

6 of December – as you well know,
Santa Claus is walking around the world.
He carries his sack tirelessly
And every child will get a gift.
And when he finally gives out the gifts,
He comes back to heaven smiling very much.

Santa is already grinning

Santa is already grinning,
to give us his gifts.
Everyone has a nice smile
and give themselves gifts.

Old Santa, though

Old Santa, though
He remembers it well
Who wrote him the letters
And who was celebrating the holidays!

Dwarfs and elves stand ready

Dwarfs and elves stand ready,
The sack full on the sleigh is already waiting,
Why Santa is scratching his head?
What worries him and what is he waiting for?
And he counts in his head and measures accurately
Will his belly fit into the tower chimney?!
So if you find a gift on the roof,
Means your chimney is narrow, my bro!

I hope, that your heart

I hope, that your heart is full of encouragement,
just like your sock is full of gifts

St. Nicholas Day

St. Nicholas Day,
It's not a day of fairy tales,
Everything can become real here,
So if you believe in Santa Claus
You can be sure – he will help you!