Children's birthday pricelist

Price list

The birthday boy is having fun for free!!!

Group 11 personal (including anniversary) to 400 PLN

Each additional child is PLN 20

Children play to the rhythm of music thematically related to the nature of the event, under the guidance of a fortune teller / animator.

Integration dances are interspersed with competitions with prizes.

We provide good music, interesting props, interesting choreographic arrangements.

The price includes:

  • cake with a print of characters from your favorite fairy tales
  • exclusive rental of the hall
  • thematic fun according to the script
  • decoration of the Hall
  • invitations
  • colorful tableware for children
  • refreshments and drinks: juices and mineral water without restrictions, sweets: marshmallow, cookies, candies, jelly beans, breadsticks

Paid extra:

Refreshments for parents in a separate room

kawa 5 – 6 PLN

tea – 3PLN

a jug of juice 1 liter PLN 7

cake plate PLN 10

photo service: 30PLN

– organizing games with Pinata on request (Pini (hiszp. Piñata) to ludowy zwyczaj w krajach latynoskich osadzony w tradycji bożonarodzeniowej. Zabawa polega na strąceniu specjalnie przygotowanej kuli wypełnionej przeważnie słodyczami, których uczestnicy starają się zebrać jak najwięcej.) – from 50 PLN – price depends on the pinata model