Organization of birthdays is quite a challenge for all ages, but the organization of a successful birthday for the child – it is already a higher driving school. This type of project will require a lot of creativity and nerves of steel, because children's parties are best described by Murphy's Law: if something worst could happen, it will definitely happen.

You're already scared? To dobrze ­čÖé Teraz przejd┼║my do kolejnego etapu, that is - how to plan the entire event, so that there is nothing to be afraid of.

We set the number and age of guests. Depending on that, how old is our honored jubilarian, its guests will require various types of entertainment and various menus. In either case, they may feel a bit uncomfortable at first, and nothing breaks the first ice cream so well, like a few well-planned games and activities. In such cases, all kinds of competitions and races are always great, however, it is not necessary for children to race - a mascot can do it for them, and even a shoe (you remember the St. Andrew's fortune, where shoes were placed one by one and checked, who is the first to cross the threshold?) Important, to honor all participants in some way, apart from the winner, even giving them a candy for their courage.

We set the menu. On this day, one person is the most important (and it's not mom), so let the little man decide to some extent, what snacks will appear on the table. Pay attention to "to some extent", because it can happen, that our child is riding only on tomato soup, and it's hard to expect from guests, that they would share this taste without exception. So let your favorite themes appear (as a last resort, even a soup), but also other suggestions - preferably home-made cakes or cookies, as well as a good amount of fruit and vegetables (so, vegetables - you will be pleasantly surprised, how many small carrots or tomatoes can disappear from the table, if served nicely). Of course, cake will be the highlight of the show. If we order it in a pastry shop, let the child choose a theme, and if we make a cake at home - let the little one help us; it will definitely be beautiful.

Thirdly ,let us have pity for ourselves and minimize losses. Let the kids eat on the colored ones,paper plates (preferably with your favorite fairy tale theme) and they drink from disposables, colorful cups. Let's remove or hide everything deeply, which has a financial or sentimental value for us - even if the kids are super polite, they can always drop something, smash or destroy (remember, Murphy's law). If we have the opportunity to provide kids with outdoor entertainment (np. in the garden or in a nearby park), it is definitely worth considering carrying out at least some of the games there. The kids will feed themselves at will, and we will have much less cleaning left.