It is true that birthdays happen quite regularly, but each of them is unique - so it's worth trying, to add splendor to this splendid celebration with a suitable event. Organizing a birthday party is not easy, one should therefore approach the issue methodically, because a good plan is at least half the battle.

Firstly, a guest list should be established. And here we face the first difficulty, because our dreams of an invitation 50 people may collide painfully with the size of our apartment and the wealth of our wallet. Moreover, not all should be invited at the same time - if our crazy buddies and noble aunt meet at one party, the atmosphere can be a bit heavy. So before we grab the phone and start inviting everyone as we please, we should ask ourselves what nature of the event we want to organize and, what is the conclusion, who will have fun on it. Important too, so as not to invite people, which are somehow in conflict with each other 0 I guess, that we know both sides well and we intend to reconcile them.

The next item on the agenda is to devise the menu. To, what we give is closely related to this, who we invite - for driven friends, pizza is enough, chips and something for a pass, but if we want to invite friends with children, it would be good to provide something edible - for example, some fruit.

The time of the year is of great importance here - as long as the bigos is good in winter, in summer it is better to put on ice cream and have a barbecue. Regardless of the aura, a cake should appear at the birthday party. You can make it yourself (in the end, we have already experienced ours and we have to die for something, so if it doesn't turn out to be edible, it's hard), or order in a pastry shop, possibly at grandma's.

If we are lucky enough to have a harmonious group of friends or acquaintances (or maybe they will coincide on our birthday party?), it is worth trying to have a leitmotif for the whole event, np. pidżama party, or a party in the style of the Polish People's Republic. It all depends on our imagination and fantasy. It is worth informing the invited guests about the style of the party and asking them to change or bring appropriate props. What is important, we ourselves should set a good example and dress up totally, so, to guests, who opted for some strange outfits did not feel so strange. It's also good to have some spare props for these, who did not dress up at all, that it would be fair - when we are already making a fool of ourselves, to wszyscy 🙂

And finally, the most important thing - music. If we don't even plan wild dancing, let's remember, that the background music can give character to any event – even at weddings, someone fiddles in the background. It will be okay, if the music somehow corresponds with the theme of our event - in the age of the Internet, finding the right songs is not a special challenge. It is, however, to provide adequate sound, a, hence, tame neighbors. It is worth bearing in mind their comfort, because with the sounds of the party it is like with children - it is pleasant to listen to only your own.

You can always use a proven trick and simply invite your neighbors to our party. If they come - the noise will not bother them, because they themselves will be part of it. And if they don't come - it's worth bringing them a piece of cake the next day and thank them for their understanding. W końcu za rok znów będą musieli wykazać się cierpliwością 🙂