Sea stories


Sea Stories is a workshop full of practical skills for young sailors and scuba divers. During the workshop, children will learn about the construction of a ship, learn to tie ropes in several ways used by sailors, get to know the Morse Code and some world-famous travelers: Magellan, Christopher Columbus, Marco Pola i Drake'a. The workshops also include the favorite entertainment of sailors, i.e. tug of war. During the classes, children explore the underwater world of plants and animals. They have the opportunity to touch the seashells, starfish and fragments of a beached coral reef by the sea. All children touch the sand from the Costa Rica beach and the particles of the shell of the world's largest sea turtle-giant, and the brave ones can take dry, so not so threatening anymore, prickly puffer. The little ones are sniffing the fish, which in Asia are used as spices and later change into a scuba suit by wearing large goggles and fins, where they can take a walk in the kindergarten classroom.