A gift for a child - we advise what to choose

Buying a birthday gift for a child depends on many factors. They have a basic influence on what we should buy a toddler. The smaller one, the older one, and the teenager. The most important factor is, of course, the child's age and we will focus on it.

Child up to 12 months

Choosing a birthday present for a child of this age is quite a simple task. First of all, the purchased item should be practical. So we have a choice of pacifiers, milk bottle, rompers or other clothing.

With the latter, you should remember about the size and if you are not sure about the size of the child, it is worth buying a larger one. Young children grow up fast – our clothes will be useful anyway. Remember when buying toys, that children of this age can clearly see things with strong and vivid colors. And that's what all kinds of rattles should be like. However, you should then check, that the toy does not consist of parts, which the child can swallow.

Age child 2-3 patch

A birthday gift for a child of this age should make some sounds. It may be a set of plastic cutlery, with which the child, hitting the ground, will produce various types of sounds. Maybe some little cymbals or a drum. Or some toy, which will make a noise when pressed. Another type of gift for kids of this age can be something that encourages them to be physically active. Bicycle with 4 wheels, scooter, a sled or an apple for sliding in the snow. A small slide, swing or something similar…

Age child 4-5 lat

This age is the time when young children try to imitate the older ones in their daily activities. Therefore, gifts that enable little housewives and small DIY enthusiasts to play as adults should be popular. Children's kitchen sets, dolls with a small wardrobe to change, small sets of plastic tools, small cars and machines. It is worth considering these types of things, when the toddler's birthday is approaching.

Age child 6 lat

A preschooler at this age is a graceful object to buy a birthday present. We have a huge selection here, but games and things are at the fore, which stimulate the mind of a six-year-old. All such letter and number games, all types of puzzles and puzzles, logical thinking kits are perfect for a child's sixth birthday.

Age child 7-9 lat

The first years of school in a toddler's life are very important moments. So around this area his Jew should be the center of the things he buys. What is needed for school? Colorful pencil cases, tornistry, crayons, pens, painting and drawing kits, school slippers and notebooks with fairy-tale heroes The examples can be multiplied endlessly. So if the birthday boy cares 7,8 the 9 let's get him something for his birthday, which will be useful to him at school.

Age child 10-16 lat

Here we are already dealing with a teenager. It is not easy to meet the tastes of such a man. You have to pay attention to what is hot right now, and based on this information, try to buy him a birthday present. Movies, TV series, music bands – they create fashion.

All kinds of gadgets with the image of your favorite actress, the actor, music will be a good gift for a teenager. It is also a good idea to buy something that will develop the physical fitness of the birthday person. Balls for various team games, skis, rower, swimming pool pass… There are many possibilities for a teenager's birthday to go smoothly for us:)