Birthday menu

What is it about??

There are many factors that come into play when organizing a birthday party at home, which they will decide, whether the birthday will be considered successful. Undoubtedly, one of them is the menu for the birthday party. It is worth knowing what rules to follow when preparing it, because it requires a lot of willingness and effort, it would be a shame to spoil your own birthday with poorly chosen meals and drinks.

Let's start with what is stated at the very beginning… From the starters. The purpose of serving starters is to satisfy the first hunger of our nice guests. However, they cannot be the side dish of a birthday party. They should be easily digestible, served in small portions and quick to prepare. They can be served cold or hot. It is given to whet the appetite of partygoers. They can be, for example. Italian risotto, croutons with mozzarella and tomatoes, lard with fresh bread, pickled peppers or mushrooms, caprese or herring in oil.

The main course is the next step in the birthday menu. The name itself indicates, that it is a dish, which is to satisfy the guests' appetite, be the highlight of the birthday menu. Rather, it should be differentiated by specifying two, three main courses. Everyone will choose what they like best. After all, not everyone has to like meat or a vegetarian dish. Examples of main courses for a birthday party include: chicken in mustard sauce, dumplings with ham, pasta casserole, pie, sweet and sour chicken, neck, baked beans… e.t.c… On the Internet, you can find thousands of recipes on culinary websites. It is worth trying especially with this dish… Birthday can benefit a lot from him!

After our dear guests have eaten the main course, it's time to serve the dessert. This is an important part of the birthday party! Let's remember the basic thing: the dessert must not be too sweet! When choosing desserts, choose warm apple pies, cheesecakes, ice cream, tiramisu, fruit desserts and jellies. Desserts should be colorful and please the eyes of the guests.

Birthdays are also drinks. They can be divided into three main groups. Still drinks, carbonated drinks as well as coffee and tea, i.e. strengthening drinks. Alcohol is a separate issue. Whether to serve it or give it up depends on the birthday organizer, the age of the participants and the nature of the party.

Have a great and happy birthday!