Birthdays for preschoolers from -4 lat

For preschoolers

  • THEMATIC BIRTHDAY (from 4 lat)

World in reverse w tym dniu nic nie będzie takie samo – the world will turn upside down, and we with him

Ball at the Princess and Knight – to, what little girls and little boys love – there will be a pea test and a knight fit, and how!

Pirate Island – expedition into the unknown? We will look for the treasure, we will not miss a storm and meeting with pirates.

Following the Indians – we will make plumes, we will paint faces like real Indians and perform a dance to summon the cake

Sports Olympics – the sporting spirit of the fight is in us! Who's faster? Agile?

Newspaper party, which is what can be conjured up from nothing – for fans of recycling and more

Make a job – or turn into a robot, there will be a parade of robots and an unbreakable dance

Travel to Africa – we will meet elephants and play traditional African games, maybe we can speak Swahili

Puppet party – theater play, or theater in play?

Space Expedition – You will need a ship to meet aliens and green men. The trip will be successful – into space made

The land of board gamesogromny chińczyk czy warcaby? we will do, we will play and we will win

get up – Children turn into gummy bears and live in their world for several dozen minutes: they drink gummyberries juice, they run away from ogres and, of course, know how to use the magic book and its medallion.

Adventures of FranklinDzieci biorą udział w konkursach i zabawach związanych z sympatycznym żółwiem. They play and dance at the Franklin party, take part in skill games, they organize a shadow theater, They look for a treasure and make turtles out of the salt dough themselves.

Fairyland – Every girl will turn into a fairy during her magic birthday. She will get a beautiful dress and a wand. She will dance with the other fairies, learn the secrets of magic, elves and trolls meet in wonderland.

A visit to Neverland with Peter Until – the World of Lost Children, full of surprises and unforgettable impressions, will be open to us. We will learn not only to fly, jump or make silly faces, but we will also get to know the vegetation of Neverland, we will take part in an unbelievable quiz and we will get to know the enchanted world of the rainbow Klanza. In addition, we will fight Captain Hook, we will catch escaping clouds, and by touching Tinkerbell's enchanted wand we will get a chance, to become this for just a moment, whoever we want.