Birthday for older children

  • BIRTHDAY for older children (from 7/8 lat)

Karaoke – birthday to the beat of your favorite songs? Oh, how, even more fun, when we can sing them together

at Alice in Wonderland – funny, a crazy party for older children with a hint of absurdity

models – makeup, disguise, quickly the photographer waits

Dance – disco style fun, in the breaks limbo dancing, and a twister

Around the world in two hours

Gwiazdą być czyli Hannah Montana w akcji

Tanecznym krokiem z bohaterami High School Musical

Urodziny z stalks – field game with surprises

Birthday with a detective – do rozwiązania zagadka, we have the first trace, cleverness and creativity will help us find the missing item

Harry Potter and the School of Scryers – Four magical houses, wand, herbalism, transmutation, straightforward, caring for magical creatures, magic arts show, qudditch training and magic games are all, what a candidate for the most amazing school of magic, he should know and know how.

Party pajamas – A compulsory pajama outfit, night slippers and a cuddly toy. Surrounded by countless pillows and blankets, children take part in many games and competitions related to bedtime, drops, pillows; and snacks are breakfast specials. Each child will also make a unique pillowcase for themselves.

In ancient EgyptW czasie egipskich urodzin dzieci mają okazję, through fun, go back to ancient times, stick a scarab, solve puzzles and read the message hidden under the hieroglyphs. But be careful! A dangerous mummy is lurking for daredevils looking into the pyramids…

Adventures of Pippi – Nobody's bored with Pippi. Crazy fun, meeting with pirates, and for sweetness personally decorated gingerbread cookies. All this is waiting for the birthday girl and her guests, who don't want to grow too fast.

Scooby Doo haunted houseUczestnicy zabawy przenoszą się w scenaerię nawiedzonego domu, in which Scooby Doo has to solve a puzzle and find the treasure. To do this, he has to undergo many tests. He is disturbed by the ghosts and mummies he encounters.