birthday rhymes

birthday rhymes

rhymes for birthday

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You are the only one among men

You are the only one among men
Because it's your birthday today
Let the virgins walk the rope
Just like cats after tomcats
Let the muscles of the sweatshirt burst
So, that Rambo will be scared.

Enjoy life as much as you can

Enjoy life as much as you can,
go crazy at every party,
win the hearts of stuffed guys,
those crazy and those loved…
I wish you a lot of health, of course
to make you feel just horny.
Don't change at all,
otherwise my heart aches will attack me,
because you are an amazing chick,
covered with an aura of hit character.
So, old lady, stay yourself
and go on be beautiful (town) ornament.

On your birthday

On your birthday
I send you my heart
Hot kisses
Like Sun
One hundred years old – wishes your flower

How many moose in Alaska

How many moose in Alaska,
how many midges are on the hood,
how many blocks in the toilet,
how many letters in the newspaper today,
I send you so many wishes
in a birthday speech.

On your holiday

On your holiday
I wanted to tell you,
that you are for me
dearest under heaven!

Happy birthday! Happy birthday! uncle screams

Happy birthday! Happy birthday! uncle screams,
aunt hands a basket of sweets,
grandfather in his new shirt,
grandma hugs you,
mama cake decorates,
Papa films it all…
Where all the fuss came from?
You have a birthday, honey!

How many stars are in the sky

How many stars are in the sky
How many leaves are on the tree
I love you so much
How many flying birds
How many poppies are in the meadow
How many pages on the internet
How many letters are in the newspaper
I wish you so much
The best in the world
Chocolate cake
For that cherry mousse
Vanilla pudding
From my whole heart
A lot of hot wishes
Excuse me, that I do not count
But I wish you all of them

Lots of sunshine and fun

Lots of sunshine and fun,
A lot of happiness, good luck,
That you do everything, what would you like,
She won with great ease,
I wish you all this,
And the sunny days themselves.

When you have your Birthday, I know it very well

When you have your Birthday, I know it very well
so today I want to wish you good wishes,
lots of fun, sweet love,
full of happiness and eternal youth.

Smile, birthday boy

Smile, birthday boy,
Fill goblets with champagne quickly,
Let your guests drink your health,
I'll tell you the rest later.

Life as sweet as a cake

Life as sweet as a cake, in all the colors of the rainbow. Let your nights and days have charm and charm – like a hearty smile.

I wish to wish you on the occasion of your holiday

On the occasion of your holiday, I would like to wish you as few worries as possible, favor of fate, favorable stars, joy in the smallest pleasures, and the ability to see the greatest values ​​in life!

I wish you a little warmth thanks to human kindness

I wish you a little warmth thanks to human kindness, joy in sorrow thanks to human love, hope for a better tomorrow in hard times, and a silence so clear and serene, so that the soul can hear the heartbeat.

I wish you a good sleep and a joyful awakening

I wish you a good sleep and a joyful awakening; so that you can afford it sometimes, what you've been wanting for a long time, not just that, which must be enough for you; so many good memories, so that you can survive the bad times thanks to them; spring – this delight, which still exceeds your expectations; that you are always needed by someone; this joy, when someone's face lights up at the sight of you, or when you see a loved one at the end of the platform; the joy of thinking, sharpness of the gaze, the triumph of understanding and the satisfaction of creating; that you may find happiness, you are looking for.

On this day that belongs only to you

On this day that belongs only to you, I want to offer you all the wonders of this world and you, from among those, choose those that will bring you joy, love and happiness.

I wish you so nice birthday

I wish you a birthday as nice as maybe this day – spent in an environment full of love, friends and family. I wish you a birthday day, who will bring it, the best – warm smiles, bright thoughts and extraordinary happiness.

All positive, nice, sweet

All positive, nice, sweet, joyful, happy, optimistic, colored, of spring, charming, fascinating, amazing, beautiful, fabulous, delicious, perfect, phenomenal, dazzling, artistic, delightful etc.. Happy birthday to you .. birthday!

I'm not going to get you down with this

I'm not going to get you down with this, that another year in your life has passed and you are inexorably drawing close to “the end of your days” – it just turns you into an old man and that's it, so i won't bore you with some happy birthday wishes… Much health… All sixes… Or maybe: children of grandchildren… NO, NO, I am not like that! Birthday is no reason to be happy (except for these gifts :-)) but don't break down, think to yourself, that some people have worse, e.g.: are eighteen years old and can legally poison their body with alcohol and tobacco or anything permitted from the age of eighteen – and what's so cool about that? No fun. It is different to go to the store and buy alcohol when underage, thanks to this, the store may be fined for selling alcohol to a minor – and that's what's cool! Or what's funny about it, that you can get your driving license and drive completely legally in the city? It's not funny at all. It would be fun driving my father's car, without his permission and without any papers, which entitle you to drive any vehicle – this is cool! It's also cool, that when you get a tattoo, parents will start a type spiel “you will sleep under the bridge” (or anywhere else, e.g.: car trunk – depends on the creativity and degree of anger of the parents) and that's what's cool about that, that these talks are thrown to the wind, because until the age of eighteen your parents look after you (are your legal guardians) and you are unlikely to throw you out of the house (because they can't).
What's cool about that, that we are getting old? Thread! Just nothing! So enjoy your youth while you can!

Let the angel protect you from the evil of this world

Let the angel protect you from the evil of this world, and love will give you the strength to fight adversities.

18 fulfilled dreams

18 fulfilled dreams, 18 travel around the world, 18 million dollars and … a dime a dozen hot kisses!