wishes on 50 birthday

wishes on 50 birthday

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I wish you mute.
Only in silence can you sail safely
across the ocean of memories.
only in silence you will hear the silent cry
another person.
In silence, the subtle weight of words can be measured.
So I wish you peace in your heart,
and on the lips – many words.
Good words,
which you won't be able to do with your friends.
* * * * *

Though you've lived for half a century,
Then look at everything else.
Being is short – believe man.
Instead of being stupidly stuck in asceticism
Use as much as you can!!!!!!!!!!
Lives – love it! Confirm it by deed!
Give up the books, catch the girl,
deign with caviar, good wine
and squeeze like a lemon!
* * * * *

On your 50th birthday, we wish you a lot of love,
even though you've turned half a century,
don't give up man.
Play, be happy, enjoy the moment,
at the party crazy for miles.
Let the years go slowly,
let your dreams come true,
let my lady warm you.
* * * * *

50 the year-old turned out to be you,
but don't think you're old.
You are envied by not one young lady
self-confidence and wisdom.
On your birthday I wish you
smile from ear to ear,
every day enjoyable
and by the side of a loved one.
* * * * *

Birthday 50 you celebrate today,
so I wish you all the best,
hope in the heart, self-confidence,
good twists of fate, how many stars in the sky,
many impressions and a sea of ​​joy,
fulfillment of dreams and endless love,
happiness in your hands every day
wish you this …guess who.. - Yes
* * * * *

There are so many days, but let the most beautiful be
ten, when your holiday, I wish you
happy Birthday, the most wonderful
and let your happiness last as long as possible.
* * * * *

On your day 50 birthday,
I will come to you on a white boat
to give you flowers, and smile, and myself
and the wings of angels that live in heaven
* * * * *

On your day 50 birthday,
On a day full of joy,
I wish, to smile
It was on your face!
May it always come true
Each of your dreams,
And sorrow and suffering
They go into oblivion!
* * * * *

(Name) today is the great day of your celebration
i (my name) remembers about you
so by the way 50 birthday
I offer you a lot of wishes:
smile, health, joy,
lots of gifts and guests,
friendship great and small,
many incredible adventures
and a happy smile and everything,
happy Birthday!
* * * * *

Today there is a full house at our birthday boy!!!
The poor man gets tired since morning because 50 the year-old finishes.
The heart is crying, the soul groans:
where is adolescence?
Where are the flowers, lilacs, primroses so fragrant every spring?
Everything was just a mess for him, young soul, but the body ...?
W 50 - this birthday wishes great in it, but the strength seemed to let go a little.
Don't worry, our birthday party!!!
After this date many unhappy thoughts circulate to many people, making great confusion in the head.
You look at everything differently, you have lived many beautiful years.
At least half a century has passed, then you have as much to Stu!!!
On this occasion, Dear Jubilarian:
• fulfillment of all dreams;
• and from the event the best impressions;
• travel around the world;
• high pensions for many years;
• a lot of prosperity and happiness in love;
• two big groups of grandchildren and a crazy cottage;
• horse health and a broad smile.
* * * * *

On the occasion of your holiday, I wish you:
That your only tears, that will appear in your eyes
There were crystal tears of happiness,
For a happy smile on your face
There were no heavy clouds of sorrow,
So that you could see into Your soul
And she could find what is most important for loved ones and you,
So that you can find your thoughts and dreams in the deaf silence,
When something in life goes wrong, breaks down, so you can
Build it all over again with the same bricks, though
It is hard, because it is on them that the unpleasant past is written,
May rose petals line the path of your destiny,
And happiness, health, joy and love, they were the destiny of your days…
* * * * *

It's already half a century,
but don't worry man.
This is just the way to start,
true madness inception.
From today on, you are to capture every moment,
you are to have fun and it's nice.
You are not to look at the money,
you are to make dreams come true.
So that everything goes well,
I wish you a jubilee,
a lot of health to madness
and a lot of much luck.
* * * * *

by the way 50 I wish you a birthday
so that you never stop dreaming,
because dreams allow you to survive
all those hardest moments.
So that you can give joy.
Let your tears be just tears of joy,
not pain and sorrow.
To make the sky brighter above you
and that you are surrounded by kind people.
Let your life go on
just like you want it.
* * * * *

Happiness, health and bliss,
the bride, which will give you love.
Seize moments like butterflies,
run, jump and enjoy for miles.
This is what we wish you on your 50th birthday.
* * * * *

You are celebrating our wonderful one,
accept our little gifts,
accept these wishes too:
health, happiness, oranges,
virgins, which will dance for you.
This is what we wish you on your 50th birthday.
* * * * *

On a day so great and glorious,
I wish you a jubilee,
so that you seize every moment,
existence is short - you know it well,
You know, that the journey will end.
But while you are here,
play, crazy, laugh from ear to ear.
* * * * *

Today you are entering your magical age,
hence my best wishes:
health, happiness and love,
experiences of many and joy.
Though 50 years have passed
you are still just as close,
After all, nothing has changed
though you have a gray hair on your temple.
* * * * *