birthday wishes for a girl

birthday wishes for a girl

birthday rhymes for a girl

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My dear, my dear,
may this night be bless you,
let your life flow sweetly,
let your name be famous around.
* * * * *

I wish you my dear,
to be always beautiful and young,
be always smiling
and she was not afraid of life.
* * * * *

It is difficult to put into words your thoughts,
give back a flower with a wish pen..
renounce it, what the heart hides..
I will say briefly: live 100 lat
* * * * *

One kiss, second kiss
still such z 3 thousands,
I fold on your cheek
and warm wishes.
* * * * *

Always be original
and as beautiful as the northern lights.
Be a little eccentric,
sometimes and ethereal.
Be a joyful lady, happy,
spread this joy around.
Also be serious at times,
seriousness in life is also important.
Stay warm, friendly person,
or even this, be yourself.
* * * * *

The date of your birth
Health, happiness, good luck,
One hundred years of life, the power of joy!
May health serve you forever,
Keep a smile on your face,
Let it come true, what do you dream about!
Let your consent accompany you
Eternal, just like your beauty.
Let the days go by in joy,
with a still smiling face.
* * * * *

How many petals does a daisy have,
how many apples does an apple pie have,
how many taps are in the hen house,
how many cloves are in the comb,
so much sun without a trace of bitterness,
someone, who remembers heartily wishes you!
* * * * *

Everything that was your dream,
what is and will be in the future
Let it not fly away with a soft sigh
but let it come true in its entirety.
* * * * *

I can't come with a bouquet of roses
to wish you well.
So please fate, to fulfill
Your innermost dreams!!!
* * * * *

Countless sweets,
teddy bear as a gift.
This is what I wish you today, my love
and that you would always be great.
* * * * *

Let your smile never fade away,
let your little heart fall asleep with mine,
for your birthday
We wish you much health and joy.
* * * * *

At the same time every year,
Everyone wishes you what they can.
And I will take advantage of this opportunity:
I wish you happiness and a hundred years of joy.
What you dream about would come true
And what you love would be yours!
* * * * *

The lily is blooming and the rose is falling
beautiful tulip folds leaves.
And I wish you my best wishes
I wish you happiness and good luck
what is nice and dreamlike
on your birthday it will be fulfilled.
* * * * *

Today … you are turning years old
but the whole world is in front of you!
Don't regret it, what has passed,
enjoy it, what has been achieved in life!
Always pursue the set goal,
even though many envy You!
Surround yourself with your friends,
rejoice in those moments,
who make you smile and bring you happiness!
Let your heart always be so pure,
and you will find good people everywhere!
Also remember, because I love you more than my life
and I give you everything that is mine…
* * * * *

Happiness, health, good luck
Just enjoy life!
May your fate always be with you,
And let go of bad things.
Lots of sweetness, happiness in love
Same luxuries, million kisses.
Let the bitterness go away
I wish you from the bottom of my heart.
What are you thinking about, what are you dreaming about
Let it happen to you in life!
Best wishes, dreams come true
On the occasion of his birthday, he makes, remembering(y) about you…
* * * * *

Today they all wish you one hundred years,
today the world bows at your feet,
and I wish you to be always nice,
that you would always dream bright dreams,
she was bold and always laughed
and she was not afraid of life.
* * * * *

I have a rose for you today
and a small souvenir,
and along with these gifts
I still come with wishes,
and I wish you a long life,
full of love and fun.
* * * * *

Happy birthday, One hundred years the whole world has been singing for you, animals and trees sing and play, a crowd of guests joins them, and I wish you good luck in the corner, a lot of love and tenderness, as well as party-to-party games.
* * * * *

On the occasion of your holiday, I wish you only tears, that will appear in your eyes were crystal tears of happiness, that the joyful smile on your face would not be covered by heavy clouds of sadness. So that rose petals line the path of your destiny, and happiness, health, joy and love have been the destiny of your days.
* * * * *

You got lollipops as a child,
then it's time for candy,
I have sweet chocolates for you today
and a birthday sweet bear.
I wish you my dear,
be your life always live,
to have a great time all your life,
but she did not mock the feelings of others.
* * * * *

Happy birthday! Happy birthday! uncle screams,
aunt hands a basket of sweets,
grandfather in his new shirt,
grandma hugs you,
mama cake decorates,
Papa films it all…
Where all the fuss came from?
You have a birthday, honey!
* * * * *