Valentine's Day in Poland

As you know, Valentine's Day is a Valentine's Day, which falls 14 February. The name comes from the name of Saint Valentine, who is the patron saint of madmen, patients with epilepsy and in love. Różnego rodzaju walentynkowe tradycje they came to Poland from France, Great Britain and Germany (mainly from Bavaria and Tirol). Few people are aware of this, that we have native, our, Slavic holiday of lovers, mianowicie Sobótka, also known as Kupała Night, which falls on the night of 21 already 22 June. Many Poles criticize Valentine's Day as an Americanized and commercial holiday. But it is also impossible to hide, że duża część polskiego społeczeństwa lubi obchodzić ten dzień. And even if we are not currently in a relationship and we are not in love, valentines day is the perfect day for that, to tell loved ones, family and friends, how important they are to us. And this can be done in many ways. Najpopularniejszym jest oczywiście obdarowanie się gifts, they don't have to be expensive gifts, on the contrary, they can be small gifts, valentine flowers the sweet gifts. The main thing, to remember people on this day, whom we love. In Poland, during the Valentine's Day, there are many different options to spend this day. Można pójść z ukochaną osobą na a romantic dinner do restauracji, to cinema already (not necessarily) romantyczny film lub to theater. Or you can just spend time together. 14 February is often a winter holiday in many regions, więc you can go skiing or just spend the day in some atmospheric place.

Mostly among young people, there is an interesting way to convey Valentine's Day wishes. It is, of course, about the universality of mobile phones, a co za tym idzie – wysyłanie sobie valentine sms. Często są to zabawne rhymes, rhymed or not, but for amusement, but also a subtle selection, that someone feels infatuated with the addressee or addressee.


As you can see, the customs of Valentine's Day quickly adopted Polish soil.

Even if we are aware of it, that this holiday is full of commerce, we just like to please people, whom we love.