Groom's attire

Groom's attire,
which is what to get married?

The wedding ceremony is undoubtedly one of the most solemn moments in every man's life. Such an occasion requires an equally unique setting. We have a chance to look original and extraordinary on this day. However, it takes a bit of courage and fantasy. Although men's fashion does not undergo such rapid metamorphoses as women's fashion, which also translates into wedding fashion, however, each season brings some novelties, specific trends. The tendency to choose an outfit is slowly fading away, which could function as a formal suit. More and more men are looking for an outfit just for this one, a special occasion.
It is very good to choose a suit and men's accessories to match the bride's outfit, that the newlyweds are also a couple in terms of the style of clothing. So the same shades appear – on the bride's dress and the groom's shirt. The vest or the ornament of the male neck repeat the colorful accents of the dress, e.g.. blood-red shade of rose buds or pastel, shiny corset pattern.
Examples of matching garment details.

Modest and elegant:
The bride puts on, for example,. “little white” a dress or a jacket, modestly, no veils or other headgear. The groom can wear a classic dark suit.
A navy blue or black suit made of plain fabric or with a light pinstripe, a jacket for three, four buttons, a vest made of the same fabric as the suit, the shirt is preferably white, smooth silk tie, preferably in a light color – this is what fashion trends nowadays dictate.

Cocktail dress code:
If we decide on the so-called cocktail dress, where the bride's dress is not necessarily white, the groom may also wear a bright suit, pastel, with a colorful vest, the color of the tie can be matched to the color of the bride's dress or the color of the flowers in the bouquet.
Suit fabrics are best selected in light beige or gray, in a delicate pattern.
You can go crazy with an avant-garde five-button jacket, six buttons and e.g.. raw silk vest. If we decide to shock with clothes, let us remember about the limits of common sense, because there will be family representatives at the wedding, people of different ages.

A great gala:
The bride is in lace, tiulach, in a veil five meters.
Then I propose a frock coat for the groom.
It is a garment, which, after a long period of oblivion, returned to favor.
Longer jacket, most often black or dark gray, always made of smooth fabric, white or light gray vest, fastened high, trousers with a fine pinstripe, e.g.. black and gray, so-called gimmicks, a white shirt and preferably a pearl gray silk cravat for the neck.
The groom dressed in this way will delight everyone, and he himself will be pleased with his appearance.
You can also wear a tuxedo in this elegant version.
Good to remember, that if the celebration takes place at noon or in the early afternoon, it is not appropriate to wear a tuxedo – this garment is more suitable for early evening wear.
In wedding fashion, seasonality can be seen in the colors of suits. In summer, pastels take priority: beige, gray-blue blues, bleached grays and pistachios, but the classic color palette has also been maintained for several seasons: blacks, grafity i granaty, and sometimes deep, saturated brown.
Suits are made of fabrics with the addition of Lycra, made of mixtures of wool with polyester of the new generation, giving shine or a slight crease effect, from precious fabrics – shantung silk, silk pig iron, made of fabrics mixed with linen.
For the looser ones, light suits match shirts made of delicately crocheted cotton, not necessarily snow-white.
It can appear very elegant, wide trellis, sometimes combined with a slight sheen, or a shirt made of a coated fabric, looking like rubberized, which must be shown in “design” outfit with black.
Long line suits are still popular – elongated jackets with slightly changed proportions, with smaller flaps, with delicates, subtle strips instead of flaps at the pockets and fancy buttons.
This unique occasion can also be enhanced with an ascetic, elongated jacket , a line that fits the body, with covered placket and Mao collar, that is, a distinct stand-up collar.
A frock coat is a perfect model for a wedding setting, or a stylized tailcoat, reminiscent of the old man, good english style.
The frock coat may be black, but also light gray or beige.
Important, to choose the right vest for him – elegant and at the same time illuminating the whole – and matching the vest, preferably in the same color and pattern, tie, plastron or midge.
Tailcoat is considered the most elegant men's formal attire.
Here, however, there are strict rules.
We can choose a classic tailcoat, the way conductors of symphony orchestras wear, or English with slightly different laps.
We see such tailcoats most often in American films depicting a wedding.
If we decide on a classic tailcoat, this and the accessories must be classic: white tailcoat shirt with stiffened bodice, white cotton vest with a large V-shaped cut, with 3 buttons and a flap, white tied bow tie.
The shoes are black, laced patent leather shoes.
If we choose the English tailcoat, sometimes you can wear a dark gray jacket with black trousers and a light gray vest, and the other accessories as for the classic tailcoat.
A tuxedo requires a white shirt with a broken or classic collar, tied, black fly (although others are possible, Colors harmonizing with the belt), a cummerbund or vest.
But other color combinations are also possible.
It is known, that the Spanish belt in a tuxedo set is not necessarily black.
And that the color of the fly should be synchronized with the shade of the belt, also she changes color.
For many years, the most popular was a claret-colored belt with a burgundy bow tie.
For the coming season, however, the producers have tried to expand the color palette.
So, burgundy-colored coordinated sets appear, black, steel, silver and aluminum.
Such color innovations can be a great opportunity to neatly refer to the creation of a partner.
A belt in the color of the dress accompanying the lady or even repeating the color of a detail of her outfit will make, that both creations will give the impression of a special refinement.
And this pays off in the image.
In addition to the standard of elegance, gentlemen can also choose less official models, looser, casual.
This is mainly expressed in the suit line and fabrics.
A noticeable tendency is to attach great importance to additives, such as vests, wipes, plastrons and flies. Accessories are a necessary complement to an outfit. They express character and personality.
They testify to the class. Well-composed, they create a festive setting, distinctive wedding fashion and cause, that even the standard two- or a three-piece suit takes on a completely different character.
These accessories are sewn, of course, made of fabrics other than the wedding dress, but kept in one color tone.

The most popular fabrics for men's vests are silk jacquards, shiny, multi-colored, combining gold with purple, blue with lilac, pastel colors or classic black with muted silver.
The vest forms a set with the ornament of the male neck, the most fashionable lavalliere – wide tie, tied in a large knot, with plastron, fly or bow tie, emphasizing this special celebration.

While the tie still enjoys a privileged position in everyday life, full of duties and business meetings, the carnival period puts its priority under a big question mark.
Special occasions can be celebrated with something much more interesting and certainly original.

The colors of wedding shirts are dominated by white, but ecru is becoming more and more popular, which in combination with the same color of the wedding dress becomes unusual and festive.
In addition to white and ecru, there are also very light pastels: pale blue, refreshing pink, cellar, bright carrot, banana.
A shirt made of shiny rep and very elegant fabrics with a thick weave goes well with a classic outfit, in the so-called. frog's eye and fishbones, that is, in a discreet herringbone pattern.
The most elegant will be white satin cotton, fleshy, with “matte shine”.
Very eye-catching shirts with a border are very popular, insert with fine or wider pleating.
The elements emphasizing the elegance and uniqueness of the shirt are: wide lockstitch, wide, open collar on high stand-up collar, covered pleats or decorative screw-buttons, silver or gold with a black eyelet.
The most festive accessories to the men's outfit are wide ties tied in a very thick knot and bow ties decorated with a decorative pin.

At the beginning, however, a few rules:
Put a plastron in the coat, bow tie or tie.
Official ceremonies require a single-colored gray or maroon decoration.
For slightly less festive occasions, you can emphasize the neck with plastron and bow tie of any color, plain or patterned.
Here comes burgundy, violet and dark, ashen rose, as well as night sky grenade and formal silver.
A plastron with a glitter effect will be perfect for the New Year's Eve, sparkling with a thousand shiny points the color of dark silver, platinum, purple or navy blue.
The increasingly popular long is best presented not with a fly, but with a tie, preferably in one color to match the color of the shirt.
An interesting solution is a set in the form of a silk vest, color synchronized with the plastron, bow tie or bow tie.
The sets are available in several shades of the recently fashionable violet and dimmed, powdered, dusty pink, steel appears, but also the color of silver, garnet and steel green.
Pastel colors are a bold proposition.
Of course, the official gala does not allow these colorful ideas, but at slightly less formal occasions they will not be inappropriate.
The most universal evening dress offers the most possibilities – suit.
Here, the whole effect can be won with a tie, and the one proposed for the carnival period looks really impressive.

Even the most fashionable suit combined with a shirt made of the most sophisticated fabric is useless, when there is no complement in the form of an elegant tie.
Male fashion experts say authoritatively, that the tie must be silk.
There are also two trends in the fashion of ties: “puchnięcie” a tie, thickening, fleshiness and its gradual narrowing, do 5-9 centimeters.
The tie must sparkle, even more than a shirt. There are many single-color models, plain or jacquard. Jacquards, beyond the classical, their geometric version also creates an interesting effect of convex zigzags or tiny lines.
Ties with small patterns are still being bought, however, wide transverse and diagonal stripes are becoming fashionable in the world, large dots and diamonds.
It's worth taking the time to find a tie that is perfectly in sync with your shirt, because such a monochrome effect is definitely on top.
Avant-garde, but looking really exclusive and giving a signal, that we have an extraordinary person in front of us, with a great sense of taste, it is dark burgundy, navy blue or silver crinkled silk tie.
The combination with a shirt of similar texture and color gives a captivating effect.
The rest of the outfit, however, must be cleared of any decorations, just ascetic.

Plastron and bow tie:
These quite interesting substitutes for ties and bow ties have recently become an extremely fashionable addition to wedding outfits. They give a special character to male outfits intended for very significant, important parties and celebrations.
A plastron is a type of sash with the ends of the same width, which after tying in a fancy knot and fastening with a decorative pin, overlap and almost reach the waist of the trousers.
Muchnik differs from its predecessor in terms of length and the way of ending the endings “sashes”.
While the plastron has a straight beveled bottom, the midge can be cut obliquely or pointed.
It looks a bit short, double tie, but the method of tying is closer to the bow tie.
Both the plastron and the bow tie are worn with a shirt with cones.
A tuxedo or tailcoat is not necessary for them. It can also be a suit or frock coat.
The musketeer looks good even with a single-button jacket.
The plastron, on the other hand, because of its length, requires the presence of a vest or a high-buttoned jacket, hiding its ends.
As sophisticated accessories of men's wardrobe, the plastron and the bow tie require a lot of effort and fantasy from the man wearing them..
Gentlemen can show off their inventiveness already at the stage of color choices – Color contrasts between the visiting plastron are desirable (often in silvery – golden shades), and a vest.
You can also demonstrate creativity and taste when selecting the necessary, decorative pin.
But it takes the most energy and craftsmanship to tie the knot.
Fortunately for the majority of men, the producers offer ready-to-attach versions of ornaments.
Proper fastening of the bandage and bow tie is a much more serious matter than tying a bow tie, not to mention the tie.
However, the men who want to face this challenge are losing out on this care of the producers, because it is relatively easy to stock up on bow ties for tying, so much to look for such specimens of the fly.
A bow tie or a cushion are accessories for brave men, who are bold enough, to stand out from the crowd.
The bow tie is a must-have accessory for a tuxedo and that is probably why it is associated with evening and ceremonial attire.
This does not mean, however, that a bow tie cannot be worn under other circumstances.
There are men, who made the bow tie their hallmark and wear it every day.
Others treat the bow tie as an accessory for special occasions, emphasizing the uniqueness of the situation.
There is also a less official version of the outfit with a bow tie.
You can put it on a vest without a jacket, on the occasion of less formal social gatherings.
Bow ties are sewn in two types. There are bow ties “finished” – already tied, with clasp – and bow ties to tie yourself. Of course, the most stylish is a hand-tied bow tie.
It is not an easy art – requires skill.
You can practice in front of the mirror or on “model”. Apparently real men tie a bow tie without looking in the mirror. A self-tied bow tie proves the uniqueness of the wearer.
The decision to put on a bow tie must be made with conviction and in harmony with the man's character.

Even more courage is required to wear a cravat (also called ascot).
Paradoxically, a bow tie and a foulard, which are historically older than the tie, are treated as more avant-garde accessories.
Especially the cravat. It can be worn properly in any situation.
It adds elegance and class. The method of tying a foulard is very simple and requires no practice.
Foulard is worn with an open shirt. In the evening version, it can be supplemented with a pin or a pin.
Scarf, so that it goes well, must be soft, therefore they are not made of jacquard (even though they are fashionable), but from fine printed fabrics.
It has a soft lining and no stiffening insert, what is e.g.. in a tie.
The foulard gives expression to casual, nonchalant elegance and artistic ease, therefore it is willingly worn by casual men, elegant with artistic souls.
Just like a bow tie, and even more so, it requires full conviction on the part of the user.
The foulard is a unique accessory and you have to be a special person, to feel good and at ease in it.
The color scheme of accessories changes with the fashion, that's why nowadays mainly monochrome accessories are on sale, but if a man's personality is only expressed by a contrasting bow tie, he does not have to give up his preferences.

Until recently, black shoes were obligatory for a wedding.
Now fashion prefers footwear in different shades of brown depending on the color of the suit.
The lighter the suit, the brighter the shoes.
Classic footwear styles, lace-up or slip-on, smooth.
Timeless models of English golf are back in favor, that is, perforated shoes on leather soles with rifles.
Shoes for weddings and formal shoes have a slender and elongated form.
It should be made of thin leather with a natural sheen – the exception are tailcoat shoes – they are always black patent leather shoes.
Square truncated or rounded toes, quite flat.
(If we do not want to have surprises and spoiled humor during this momentous and only celebration in our lives, need new shoes “disperse” for a few days around the house).

Let's remember one more thing – own wedding is a stressful enough party, so dress code, which we assume, it shouldn't be stressful.
We just have to dress like that, to feel good and be aware of it, that we are presenting well.