Wedding customs around the world

Wedding customs around the world.

Getting married is a celebration celebrated in every latitude and longitude. No matter where in the world, this celebration has several things in common, including, above all, the joy of starting a formal relationship between two people. Cultural differences, however, do their job and thanks to this we can observe many different wedding customs, as well as other customs widely related to the beginning of a marriage.

You can list a whole lot of unusual wedding habits. For example, in Belgium, during the wedding ceremony, the bride hands flowers to her mother-in-law as a sign of emphasizing the ties between the families. In China, on the other hand, it is customary to work with an astrologer to determine the wedding date. The astrologer uses the horoscopes of the bride and groom and their families, and then selects a date, which will bring the greatest happiness to the young. There is also a very interesting custom in Japan. In this country, the wedding is very sumptuous, although usually a slightly intimate celebration. The bride is usually dressed in a traditional Japanese white kimono, while her head is adorned with a floral wig. Providing a male heir to a young couple is to ensure that a couple of friends sleep in their marriage bed, who already can boast of having a son.

Of course, very interesting customs are also found in African countries. For example, during a Kenyan wedding, the father spits on his daughter's head and breasts, to ensure the durability of her marriage with this gesture. A shell necklace of the bride is also a very important element of African weddings, which is to guarantee fertility. Due to a completely different type of family life from the European one, a marriage relationship is not so much a union of two people, how many often their entire families.

It's worth pointing out, that the search for interesting wedding customs does not need to start with crossing the border - just look around the regions in your own country. For example, na Górnym Śląsku dość popularny jest tzw. bachelor party, that is, breaking old porcelain in front of the bride's door on the evening before her marriage. Of course, breaking the porcelain is supposed to bring happiness to the young couple. As per custom, guests breaking porcelain, young people should sacrifice.