Wedding makeup

Wedding makeup

She dresses the millennium bride in colors that explode with joy, warm and juicy like fruit, at the same time sensual and luminous, heavenly subtle, but definitely highlighting this special day. Vibrant with positive energy, the make-up harmonizes with the color of the wedding dress shimmering with all shades of white. The bride's face should be dazzling.

We will obtain a radiant complexion by caring for it in the following way:
We start cleansing the skin with an eye make-up remover: Eye Makeup Remover All Makeup.
Fluid Demaquillant can be the next step (facial makeup remover) containing sugar derivatives, which thoroughly cleanse the skin, lily extract ensuring its proper hydration and softness, sunflower oil with a softening effect and a biophytocomplex that fights free radicals and prevents skin aging.
Instead of fluid, we can also use Creme Mousse Nettoyante – a gentle rinse off cream (cleansing foam) with almond seed extract, which maintains the natural level of hydration and has a nourishing effect thanks to cellulose derivatives.
Depending on the type of skin, we choose the right tonic: normal to dry skin : Lotion for normal to dry skin, sensitive and tired skin : Dry skin lotion, fragile, fatiquee, oily and combination skin : Lotion for combination and oily skin.
Then, two days before the wedding, we apply two masks, first a cleansing mask – regulating (Regulating purifying mask ) with green clay that absorbs pollutants and sage that has a soothing effect, then a moisturizing mask (Hydra-tricelia mask) soft, with triple hydration activator, with jojoba oil and karite butter, which leaves the skin soft, smooth and properly moisturized.
To restore the skin's natural glow, we apply Firm profile cream with green tea microcapsules at night.
Apply Hydra Tricellia moisturizing cream or fluid as a make-up base.
We use Firm Profile Eye green tea based cream under the eyes.

To keep the skin smooth and supple, even out any unevenness and discoloration and even out the skin color, nakładamy Teint Soft mattifying blend (matting foundation) fat-free with cereal proteins and moisturizing factors. Then we fix the previously applied foundation with powder in Prisme Poudre Visage piles, which is made of four colors and gives an immediate and long-lasting effect of velvety and matte skin.
We offer a choice of four prisms:
Ivory prism – gives the skin a clear and natural color,
Softness prism – recommended for especially fair skin,
Crystal prism – giving the effect of porcelain leather,
Sun prism – giving the effect of tanned skin, We apply the powder in circular movements with a brush, combining four colors.

We bring out our radiant gaze with the harmony of light and shadow, using Prisme regard and Prisme regard duo eye shadow. As a base, we choose Caviar modeling shadow 61, by applying iridescent white to the entire surface of the eye, then model the depth of the gaze with the Prisme regard diamant shadow, shimmering with salmon-diamond colors, allowing for sophisticated eye makeup thanks to the gradual intensity of colors of the same color. The lightest colors are applied to the inner corner of the eye, darkest on the outside. A light shadow just below the browline and applying a dark color to the eyelid boundaries, optically enlarge the eye. The color flickering effect is very important, which smoothly merge into one another. We emphasize the Crayon definition des yeux at the same time the lash line and the eye contour 1 in black. Infinitely long and beautiful eyelashes wonderfully curled and carefully separated with mascara create a wonderful frame for the eye, adding fascinating depth to your gaze.

We emphasize freshness and spontaneity by applying Prisme pomettes harmonie de fards et lumiere to the cheekbones 5 (roses in piles), which 5 with its colors, it subtly shapes the face with chiaroscuro.

The exciting game of colors ends with lip makeup. We cover the lips with a small amount of foundation, we outline the shape of the lips of Crayon definition des levres with a lip liner 2, making a correction, we fill the outline with Rouge Miroir Transparent lipstick 501 in pale pink color, adding sparkle with Laque Miroire lip gloss 1 in a similar shade. Lips can also be apricot-golden: pomadka Red mirror 709 and Laque miroire lip gloss 1.

Finally, we paint the nails with Vernis miroire no 713 pale pink in color.