Wedding toasts

Wedding toasts

As a rule, they should not be made at the beginning of the party. The father of the bride has the right to the first toast. The groom or his father are the second to speak. Seniors of both families and possibly witnesses should appear next. One should remember this, that there should not be too many toasts and, above all, they cannot be long, tedious orations. Also, do not use the phrase “let's drink to…”. The more elegant form is “I raise this toast to…”. Let's also remember, that you should not hold the glass in your hand when making toasts.
Sample wedding toasts:

Wedding toast 1
It was night. Moon and silence. He and she.
He said: – So?
She said: – No. Years have passed. And night again, moon and silence. He and she.
She said: – So?
He said: – So.
But the years were not those anymore.
Let's drink for it, that everything in life should be done on time!

Toast 2
The girl was walking down the street in the evening and heard footsteps behind her. She looked around and saw a handsome boy. She looked back a second time, the boy was still following her. She recognized, that it is worth waiting for. She looked back a third time – the boy was gone…
Let's drink for it, so that the municipal sewage system employees do not forget to close the manholes!

Toast 3
A turtle is swimming across the river, and a poisonous snake coiled on its back.
Snake of thoughts: ”I'll bite – will drop”.
The turtle is thinking: ”I will drop it – will bite”.
Let's drink for unbreakable friendship, that endures all adversities!

Toast 4
A woman is needed by a man like an anchor. So let's drink for a cruiser ”Aurora”, who had four of these anchors!

Toast 5
A frog was walking across the road, and that she did not pay attention, she lost her rear paws under the wheels of the car. She crawls to the sidewalk and thinks to herself:
– Those legs were pretty nice, I have to come back for them. She barely had time to get back onto the road, like the next car stripped her of her head.
Let's drink for it, not to lose my head for nice legs!

Toast 6
On a hot summer's day, a man was walking along the road. The heat was pouring down from the sky, so he decided to take a bath in a nearby stream. He took off his clothes, put on the shore, the hat hung on the bush and jumped naked into the water. Once it got colder, z przerażeniem spostrzegł, that the clothes were gone, and of all his clothing only his hat remained. Just then, a beautiful girl appeared on the path behind the bush. Holding the hat with both hands, he barely managed to cover his manhood with it, as the girl approached him and looked deep into his eyes, she sweetly said:
– Give me your right hand.
The boy handed it.
– Give me your left hand.
The boy handed it.
Now let's drink to that strength, which held up the hat!

Toast 7
A donkey is walking through the desert. The day is coming, second, third…
The sun is scorching, the donkey is tormented by thirst. Suddenly he sees: there are two large barrels – one with water, the other with vodka. From which he started to drink?
Of course from the first!
So let's not be donkeys and drink vodka!

Toast 8
I go through the park sometime, the moon is shining, and the boy and the girl are kissing on the bench.
I go another time… moon, the stars… and on the same bench a boy with another girl.
I'm going this way again: night, moon, the stars… and the same boy on the same bench is kissing a third girl.
Let us drink to the constancy of men and the volatility of women.

Toast 9
A group of women stood before heaven's gate. Saint Peter looked at them reluctantly and said:
– The way to heaven requires climbing this long one, smooth pole!
Despite many attempts, they were all slipping off.
Only the last one fell to her knees and began to pray:
– Lord, make it happen, that this pole would be covered with knots and let there be as many knots, how many men have i had in my life!
And a miracle happened. The pole is covered with so many knots, that the woman got to heaven easily.
Gentlemen! Let's drink for it, that we always make it easier for women to enter heaven!