Wedding with a watch in hand

Wedding with a watch in hand

… From the moment you get engaged, the struggle for deadlines begins, o to, so that the wedding hall matches the church, church to the orchestra, plus a cameraman. And the best, that we could organize a wedding in August. It is warm and it is “r”. You have to think about the wedding at least six months in advance, but to reserve a suitable date and room, the bride and groom and their parents must begin their preparations one year before the wedding.

The bride and groom choose the offers of companies from the wedding industry. They can entrust the organization of a wedding to a specialized company. Half a year before the wedding, it is worth visiting the fair to see, which is fashionable this year, make an appointment with a photographer, see the offers of decorating companies and video filming, watch shows of wedding dresses. Music bands perform at the fair, that are trying to get customers.

Three months is usually enough, to select the photographer and cameraman. The photographer is one of the most important people at the wedding. You know, then there will be a ritual of watching the entire show. At the same time, you need to go looking for a cameraman and think, what about gifts. What to do, so as not to get three irons and two toasters. Some couples post a list of their gifts on the Internet.
The bride seems to be always the center of attention at the wedding and reception. Each, who wasn't, spyta sweat: and what dress she had? Girls most often choose a dress at fairs, they order, because the store often has one copy of each size and they wait three months for collection. The last few days are the biggest stress for the bride. Finally, you have to decide on a haircut, makeup, a bunch. And then it is enough to say the magic "yes".

Calendar of the bride and groom:

12-10 months earlier
· Make a decision about the nature of the wedding ceremony - civil or religious marriage, intimate or only in the company of loved ones
· Set a wedding date, reserve the wedding venue – it is also worth finding out, what documents will be needed to register the wedding and find out about the dates of premarital studies
· Prepare a list of wedding guests
· Jointly discuss the scenario of the celebration and develop an indicative budget

10- 8 months earlier
· Select witnesses and obtain their consent
· Think about your honeymoon – if you are planning it, this is the right time, to select a place, and perhaps also reserve them, if the trip is in high season (maybe you need to get vaccinations too, apply for a visa, and talk to work about taking time off during this time)

8-6 months earlier
· View suggestions and establish gift lists
Choose a dress for the bride (if the dress has to be ordered from the catalog, the waiting time for it takes approx. three months).
Decide on a venue for your wedding reception, you may need to go to several places for dinner, to be able to impress the staff and try the dishes.
· Order a photographer and arrange with him where you want to have souvenir photos from, maybe not only from ceremonies and weddings, but also outdoor photography.

6 months earlier
· Choose wedding rings – maybe you want to engrave your future spouse's name and wedding date on them?
·Consider, whether to organize a hen and bachelor party - where and who to invite, what to offer to the guests, to make them attractive and unforgettable.

4 months earlier
Choose clothes for the groom.
· Choose accessories for the bride - shoes, underwear, stockings, gloves
· Apply for work leave
· Consider what accommodation to offer to visiting guests (maybe they need to be booked already)
Prepare all the documents necessary to get married

3 months earlier
· Sign the pre-tax certificate at the notary's office, if we anticipate it
· Arrange transportation for the bride and groom and guests - advance booking may be required
· Think about the decoration of the wedding venue, wedding hall and car
· Select and order invitations, or maybe you will also need business cards for the wedding table, decorative menu, as well as effective thanks for participation in the celebrations and gifts

2 months earlier
-Send invitations, so that guests can properly prepare and reserve time
-Inform wedding guests about prepared gift lists
-Plan the course of the wedding ceremony and reception - establish the menu and wedding cake, discuss with the master or the person, which will watch over the course of the game, musical repertoire
-Book an appointment with a beautician, and maybe also in the solarium

1 a month earlier
-Make a trial make-up and try to choose a hairstyle
-Make an appointment to try on a wedding dress
-Order a wedding bouquet with a buttonhole flower for the groom - maybe it is also worth decorating the church with flowers, car and wedding hall

2 weeks earlier
-Verify the list of wedding guests on the basis of received confirmations and provide it to the wedding organizer and plan how to seat the guests
-Try on wedding outfits with accessories
-Make an appointment with a hairdresser

Week earlier
-Follow the weather forecast - you may need to protect yourself against its change
-Consider, do you want to supplement the organizational plan of the wedding or wedding ceremony

After the wedding
-Take the bridal clothes to the laundry
-Thank the guests by letter or possibly by phone for participating in the wedding ceremony, wedding and, of course, for the gifts
-Collect all telegrams, letters, photos and other souvenirs, to make an album of them later
-Inform the workplace of the change of name, bank, e.t.c. (ID card, passport, it is better to change the driving license after returning from the honeymoon)

How much is a wedding and a wedding reception for 100 people

invitations 600 PLN
wedding rings 1000 PLN
orchestra 3000 PLN
for her 3000 PLN
for him 2000 PLN
hairdresser 200 PLN
makeup 100 PLN
trial hairstyles (2) 400 PLN
trial makeup 100 PLN
manicure 50 PLN
solarium 100 PLN
beautician 100 PLN
video filming 1500 PLN
photographer 1000 PLN
church decoration 400-700 PLN
limousine 1000 PLN
church wedding 500-1000 PLN
wedding party 150 PLN / person
accommodation 30-100 PLN / person
together 33050-40850 PLN