Easter greetings from the company

Easter greetings from the company

Health, happiness, good humor
and at the same time a rich table.
Wet Dyngus, tasty egg
and let this holiday be like a fairy tale.

On the occasion of the upcoming Easter, the Management Board
and employees (COMPANY NAME) they offer the best wishes for prosperity and happiness
and a lot of joy on the warm days of the long-awaited spring

May this holiday be full of hope and faith ,
joyful meetings at the Easter table
and a tasty sacred egg.

Happy Easter wishes
filled with hope coming to life
spring and faith in the meaning of life.
Serenity in my heart and joy in fact
The resurrection of the Lord
and a tasty Saint in the company
closest people
sincerely wish the crew ....

When the Great Night comes
I wish you a Resurrection
a lot of happiness and joy,
which are always guests
in a good heart, in a clear soul
and let all regrets be drowned out

Alleluia let's sing today,
Let us give honor and glory to God.
Because our Savior is risen,
This world's redeemer.
Health, joy and good luck,
These are the most sincere wishes.
Happy Holidays in the family circle…
For Easter eggs to laugh,
the lambs smiled,
wet Śmigus sprinkled his temples,
a lot of happiness falling into my hands
on the occasion of Easter
Have a tasty egg and a wet dyngus ....

Although everything still reminds us of Christmas,
although the weather does not always indicate the present spring, however, we inform- it's the time!
We rush to you, we rush as fast as we can and make wishes:

Easter from dreams and everyday dreams,
Delicious eggs, colored and properly cut,
Wet Monday, up to the armpits happy and happy,
Peace of mind, joy and a lot of resilience with the arrival of guests!

Graces of the Risen Lord,
Generous abundance – I wish –
And every day smile and joy.

On the occasion of the upcoming Easter
I wish you all the best:
a lot of health, joy, tasty egg,
wet Dyngus, lots of spring sun and nothing but success.

May Christ be risen
will bring you spring flowers of joy,
love, peace and happiness.
Happy Holidays and wet Dyngus wishes…

Peaceful and joyful
good rest in the family circle
and optimism, energy and hope for a better future
Many happy moments
for Easter
cordial family meetings
and a tasty egg
sincerely wishes

Countless smiles at the Easter table.
Many friends and a lot of EURO in your wallet.
They wish you a wet Dyngus…

On the occasion of Easter
health, all good fortune, and
success in private and professional life

On the occasion of Easter, we wish all of us, partner, friends, clients and colleagues, all the best and most enjoyable, family atmosphere,
personal happiness, cheerfulness, a tasty sacred egg and richly set tables.

Healthy, happy Easter.
Tables are plentiful,
lots of water on Monday, rich hare
and the most pleasant meetings with friends and family.

We wish all our clients healthy,
peaceful and serene Easter.