Easter greetings in German

Easter greetings in German

You and your husband have a few nice ones, relaxing Easter holidays.
We are all safe and sound, what we hope from you too.
All the best, Greetings from

Love (Name),
We wish you a happy and healthy Easter. Spend a few nice days with your Wolfgang. Greetings to everyone and a happy Easter egg hunt!
Yours (Name) and your (Name)

Easter greetings on your mobile phone,
they are really trendy.
That's why I'm there too
and send you an Easter egg.

We wish you a happy Easter today
and all the large loot of Easter eggs.
Enjoy it all for you all,
often lick the mouth.

Dear egg, hurry away!
Munich is your home town.
Don't stop on the way,
because Frank, he's waiting for it.
I want to have a happy Easter
congratulate you happily.
Maybe it will work somewhere,
to track down a rabbit.
Then I put in his basket
a sheet of paper with a thousand greetings,
that should bring it to you as a festive greeting
with his nimble feet.

Thick ham, big eggs,
I wish you for the Easter celebration!