Easter greetings in Russian

Easter greetings in Russian

On the day of Easter, playing happily,
The lark flew high,
I, disappearing in the blue sky,
The song of resurrection sang.
And that song was loudly repeated
And the steppe, and the hill, and dark forest.
“Wake up, Earth”, they broadcast, –
Wake up: your king, your god is risen.
Snowdrop, the lily of the valley is silver,
Violet – bloom again,
And sing out the fragrant hymn
Ago, Whose commandment – Love.

Christ is risen!Christ is risen!
swallows chirp from heaven,
and the dark forest brightened,
Christ is truly risen!
bells are ringing in churches,
service is going on,
to the delight of the people of the world-
Christ's Resurrection!

Easter Annunciation
Dozing bell
Woke up the fields,
Smiled at the sun
Sleepy land.

But most expensive, more precious
God has given us as a gift –
In Jesus eternal salvation,
Accept and smile cheerfully.

I wish, heartily, what would you always carry the light of Christ! With God's help we went forward, like God's Church, The gospel is always, carried everywhere! May the Lord be with you forever!