Religious Easter greetings

Religious Easter greetings
For the Feast of the Resurrection, I wish you,
that your forgotten dreams may be resurrected in you,
youthful optimism in dealing with adversities, school's fantasy.
Let spring reign in your heart – rebirth of a new life…

Let's all be happy,
as in heaven Angela,
what we wanted,
we lived to see it. Alleluia.
By sharing an egg,
this beautiful Christmas,
we wish you nothing but joy.
Let there be health,
let there be happiness,
May prosperity be your guests.

The bells bring joy
parties are playing for all of the world,
that the Lord was risen from the dead
Lord God almighty, Dear God.

Best wishes
Happy Easter
and a lot of health
and cheerfulness. Let the joy of Easter
it will fill our hearts
with hope and an abundance of graces
from the Risen Christ.

May this holiday Easter
will flow down the river of divine power
having enveloped your heart
the multicolored flower of dreams.

Today the Savior rose from the tomb,
Redeemer of your world,
So let the bad end
And let us pay homage to our Lord,
Alleluia, Alleluia !
Lots of fun on Easter days
and a successful dyngus.
wishes …
On the occasion of the upcoming
we are sending the world of Easter
to all our friends
a handful of reflections related to this
full of reflection, but what a joyful time.

The apple trees have already bloomed in the spring greeting.
Listen – the bells are ringing!
This is the resurrection.