Funny Easter greetings

Funny Easter greetings

A beautiful bunny,
Wet Monday,
Eternal love,
Only the milky way.
The world in fruitful happiness,
Wish you an Easter chick!

The sugar lamb has golden horns
He watches the Easter eggs on the cress meadow
And when nobody is watching, he buzzes with a flag
And the Holy Hallelujah screams softly!

Lots of fun, eggs of abundance
basket of dreams and thrills
and in Dyngusa a lot - (ch)doe
and the joy of lazing around.
This is what the Hare hopes around.

Let the hares and rams follow your plans,
Give up all your dilemmas, because it is the time of great feeding,
In addition, Christmas in good luck fruitful
wishes easter bunny.

There was an egg on the table,
called the holiday Easter egg.
Patterns painted on it,
can also be scratched.
Colorful or scratched –
egg is best with horseradish.

May it be good,
so that the egg tastes good,
that the cupcake wouldn't make you fat,
the atmosphere was nice,
make the bunny smiling
he brought joy on this holy day!!!
An old Polish tradition,
I wish a lot of ham with the egg,
let the hares and the rams
make your plans come true.
Christmas is a time to eat,
so let go of your dilemmas.

The chicken is already jumping in the basket
the ram sharpens his horns too,
he even brought a mandarin
hedgehog awakened from sleep.
Ania is painting Easter eggs,
he breaks jugs on the occasion,
and What is little Kaja doing??
He screams all the time! An ally!