Easter wishes

Easter wishes

We wish you,
that Easter may be your holy day
and festive, and Lany Monday
secular and playful.

Full of joy, peace
Christmas Eve
and many successes and successes
Wishes you

On the occasion of Easter,
I wish you all God's favors,
cheerful, healthy Christmas
and prosperity in your personal life.

For Easter,
we are sending you a basket full of Christmas wishes
woven between spring flowers,
glazed plantain, colorful easter eggs,
sugar lambs and a base.

On the occasion of Easter
Best wishes
Health, Happiness
and All Prosperity

As the bunny wished good luck,
so today I wish your dreams come true,
decorating the spring festive table
and spend Easter with the family together
Although we will not see each other this Christmas
all the best
we sincerely wish you good health,
happiness and joy,
lumpy table and wonderful guests.

I wish you all, for Easter to embrace
A special tradition and new happy experiences,
But most of all, it would be Easter
it strengthened your faith, cheered up
and filled your hearts with joy

On the occasion of Easter, I wish you spring,
spring, spring!
Bursting buds, crocuses and snowdrops,
melting snow, the ground, which starts to smell,
the sun, which not only shines but also warms you.
Spring in nature and in family life,
at work, on a bank account
and where else is there cold?.

On the occasion of Easter, we offer everyone
Customers (COMPANY NAME) najlepsze życzenia.
May this special period be for everyone
a period of reflection, mute, rest
and real joy.

Rainbow Easter Eggs
On the table of delicacies
Wet Dyngus
And wonderful guests
Let this be a lovely time
I wish you a good Easter!

May the resurrection of the Lord,
which brings a spiritual rebirth,
it will fill everyone with peace and faith,
will give strength in overcoming difficulties
and will allow you to look to the future with confidence…