First names letter I.

First names letter I..

Ignatius – a man with a fiery heart, full of inner fire, the heat of thoughts and feelings, ready to sacrifice without limits.
Name day: 1 February, 11 house, 15 July, 31 July, …

First names letter H.

First names letter H..

Henry – noble and loyal, but secretive and confident. A good conciliator. A good leader. He likes to be the master in his own home. He is a gifted orator.
Name day: 19 January, 19 February, 2 brand, 10 April, 12 July, 15 July, 2 …

First names letter G

First names letter G.

Gabriel – noble, great philanthropist. Gifted and with versatile interests, especially towards music. He likes to be in power. He is often a good lecturer.
Name day: 10 February, 27 February, 24 brand, 29 September
Gerard – warlike, doskonale umiejący się bronić

First names letter F

First names letter F.

Fabian – passionate farmer. Undemanding to himself, kind to others. Loving nature and taking into account its whims.
Name day: 20 January
Faust – happy with life, lucky, although she still wants more. Obdarzony pomysłowością we wszystkich

First names letter E

First names letter E.

Edgar – happiness and prosperity favors him in his life. Wealth, which he often achieves is the result of a struggle for existence. However, this is not a sneaky fight. A sharp mind.
Name day: 10 June, 8 July
Edmund – constant, loyal, diplomatic character. …

First names letter D

First names letter D.

Damian – social worker. Kind and accommodating. Personality, who likes to help others in suffering. He attaches importance to money if he needs it.
Name day: 12 February, 23 February, 14 July, 26 September, 27 September, 14 November…

First names letter C.

First names letter C..

Celestyn – cheerful character, nice, cultural. He likes good company, in which he brings peace and serenity. a little rocking in the clouds.
Name day: 6 April, 19 house, 27 July
Caesars – he likes comfort and prosperity. Żądny władzy i schlebiania

Names letter B

Names letter B.

Balthazar – dignified, with a great sense of self-dignity. Caring for superiors.
Name day: 6 January
Bartholomew – conservative, great and noble mind. Dedicated to relatives and family. Likes to lead others.
Name day: 30 April, 5 July, 24 of August, 3 September, …

First names beginning with A.

First names beginning with A..

Adam – independent, analyzing. Limited in his initiatives due to a lack of self-confidence, but fond of emphasizing its importance. He likes peace.
Name day: 6 April, 24 of December
Adolf – character with temperament, dynamic, zdolny przywódca o