The bride's must-have

The bride's must-have

Jest taki dzień dzień ślubu, in which one would like, so that everything is buttoned up. There are, however, stories, over which we have no influence. Dlatego lepiej się wcześniej przygotować

First names letter Z

First names letter Z.

Zacharias – has a good memory. keeps his promises and promises. Constant. Under adverse circumstances, he can be unpleasantly unforgiving.
Name day: 6 April, 6 September, 18 September, 5 November
Zawisza – ambitious, appreciating the fame of others and striving for it, by

First names letter W

First names letter W.

Wenceslas – analytical, creative mind. Capable of managing his own affairs without the help of others. He likes peace and appreciates it the most in his personal life.
Name day: 4 brand, 5 brand, 4 April, 15 April, 28 September
Waldemarlubi rządzić

Imiona litera T-U

Imiona litera T-U.

Thaddeus – nice, noble. Has great organizational skills. He is brave and bold in his speeches. It rarely steps back. Philanthropist.
Name day: 28 October
Theodore – endearing personality. He is a good organizer. A mind that works logically and thoroughly. Religious.
Name day: 7 …

First names letter S

First names letter S.

Salomon – he likes peace. a man endowed with wisdom by nature. A good peacemaker. He is forward-looking.
Name day: 8 February, 28 September, 24 October
Samuel – possesses the gift of a just judgment. Fair. Fond of peace. A good conciliator. God-fearing.
Name day: 16 February, 20 …

First names, letter R.

First names, letter R..

Radoslaw – well-liked. Bringing joy and sweetening worries to other people. He enjoys well-deserved respect and good fame.
Name day: 1 brand, 2 brand, 8 April, 8 September
Raphael – noble, Good, upright. Obliging. Służący podporą psychiczną innym

First names letter P

First names letter P.

Pankracy – loves nature and most willingly becomes a gardener. calm, balanced. Thrifty. Has the ability to predict.
Name day: 3 April, 12 house, 22 July
Paul – ambitious, always busy with work. Conscientious, versatile, critical. He likes traveling and changes.
Name day: 10 January, …

Names letter N-O

Names letter N-O.

Nicodemus – critical, wyrachowany. He has great intuition and organizational skills. He likes convenience. composed and sober minded, although sometimes explosive.
Name day: 1 June, 3 of August, 15 September
Norbert – sunny, calm. Dobrze zna ludzkie słabostki i stara się

First names letter M

First names letter M.

Maciej – petty, changeable. It's easy to throw him off balance. He likes long journeys and gambling. Has organizational skills.
Name day: 30 January, 24 February, 25 February, 14 house, 11 November
makary – lucky, good for others. Right, fair, upright. …

Names letter L

Names letter L.

Lech – bold, but also changeable. Often good, but also inconstant. Even hypocritical under unfavorable conditions. He likes money, convenience, good living conditions. Clever.
Name day: 28 February, 12 of August
Leon – bold, combat, imperious. Good orator. Posiada zdolności