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And now I wish you only happy days in your life. Let fate bring you, what are you dreaming about, what are you dreaming about and let hope always shine in your heart.


Always be happy, bad fate unknown, …

Unique wedding decorations

Unique wedding decorations.

Wyjątkowy dzień wedding requires a lot of effort from us - we all want this one day to last in a pleasant atmosphere and beautiful surroundings. We can take care of the surroundings by choosing interesting wedding decorations, które mogą się pojawić

Choosing jewelry for the wedding

Choosing jewelry for the wedding.

Choosing a bride's dress is a real challenge for many ladies. When we manage to buy the dream model, many of us are relieved. But let's remember, that really is, much still to come. Do sukienki

Planning a magical honeymoon

Planning a magical honeymoon.

The function of a honeymoon is to celebrate the marriage in a pleasant environment. Young people can then relax after months of stress related to the organization of the wedding, and also gain fresh strength to return to the new one with new energy, wspólnej codzienności.

Wedding customs around the world

Wedding customs around the world.

Getting married is a celebration celebrated in every latitude and longitude. No matter where in the world, this celebration has several things in common, including, above all, the joy of starting a formal relationship between two people. Różnice kulturowe

Surprising wedding menu

Surprising wedding menu

Probably many of us have heard the conversations of aunts and uncles about organizing the wedding of someone from the family. They comment on all the elements of the wedding ceremony and reception, and their favorite topic is the wedding menu. If it happened, że posiłki

Important obligations of witnesses

Important obligations of witnesses

Choosing a witness and a witness is an important decision, because these people confirm that we have entered into marriage with their signature. However, before we ask someone to become our witness or witness, worth considering, jakie obowiązki wiążą się z tym