Why is it worth celebrating

Why is it worth celebrating

Why is it worth organizing a tummy party? You have doubts?
See for yourself, why is it worth celebrating.

Firstly, moment for the baby!

Are you talking to your little one, which you wear under your heart? Perhaps you don't realize, how important it is to make contact with your baby, before he even comes into the world. And it already hears and recognizes mom's voice. Baby Shower is a party for the mother-to-be and in honor of the baby. It is worth sharing this joy with your loved ones and taking care of contact with your baby, even before his birth.

Secondly, Moment!

At the end of pregnancy, every expectant mother has concerns, anxiety related to childbirth. You are also afraid of childbirth? Or maybe you are worried, will everything be fine with the baby?? It is worth taking these thoughts aside for a moment and simply relaxing with your friends. Remember, już niedługo nie znajdziesz na to czasu 🙂

Thirdly, experience!

Have you already attended a Baby Shower? NO? This is where you have the opportunity, to experience something new. Regardless of, are you a future mom, mum-to-be's friend, Whether… the husband of my mother-to-be's friend, everyone can have a great time and share the joy of waiting for the baby to be born.

Fourthly, great fun!

When was the last time you met your friends?? Ages ago? A belly party is a great opportunity to meet in a larger group, gossip about motherhood and sharing happiness together. Nothing gives you wings like that, like the opportunity to share your joys with others and to live them together. Someday you will tell your little one about a tummy party.

Fifth, collecting the layette!

There is nothing to hide, gifts are one of the highlights of the belly party program. Never too many blankets, rompers, bottles, teethers, diapers (especially diapers) and other accessories for mum and baby. Moreover, each future mother will be pleased with the fact, that a group of close friends would like to relieve her of collecting at least part of the layette.

It's time to start Baby Shower!