It is fashionable to be MOM

It is fashionable to be MOM

Baby boom in the Polish edition, that is how fun it is to survive the waiting time for the birth of a baby.

Spring and summer are time, when women reveal their bellies. So you can notice a rash especially of the pregnancy ones. In the cinema, on the street, in the cafe - there are more and more of them everywhere. Women finally became more likely to get pregnant. Not only in their thirties anymore, that so far have focused on the career, become moms, but increasingly also younger women.

Where did these changes come from? Well, the climate around motherhood is getting better. Various institutions, shops, shopping centers, china, restaurants provide women with children with a number of amenities - a corner for changing and feeding the toddler, or special screenings in the cinema for parents with children. In addition, there are tons of foundations, clubs for moms, support groups, where future and present mothers can seek help. Toddler clubs are springing up like mushrooms after the rain, private kindergartens, which are already accepting two-year-old children. Birthing schools are being established, organized workshops for parents and children, in a word, an avalanche of amenities, support, Knowledge and information floods young parents today. Not to mention the Internet, which floods us with new portals on pregnancy and motherhood. New products from the series of "facilitators of life" are also coming to our country” and the "make-up makers of time."”, which until now were only available to moms in the USA, or in Western Europe. Today, Polish mothers can also enjoy their motherhood with various gadgets, available in numerous online stores. So how, in such circumstances, not to become a mother?

As the environment becomes more and more friendly to moms with a belly, so they also become more free. Today, pregnant women run away from the stereotype of the Tormented Mother of Poland, they become brave, well-groomed moms. They no longer cover their tummies with shapeless bags, but with sexy maternity dresses. And most importantly - they stop listening to grandmothers' "good advice" and put aside old beliefs and pregnancy superstitions.. They are happy to prepare a layette for a toddler, sometimes when you see two lines on the pregnancy test and… love news. One of them is the custom of Baby Shower, which is more and more popular in Poland, that is, organizing a special party for the future mother in the company of closest friends. Modern rites (no longer superstitious), great fun, colorful balloons and children's decorations, songs, games, games and rituals - that's the way, how a pregnant woman can and does want to celebrate her different state.

The belly party is to give the mother-to-be a moment to relax, respite from the hardships of childbirth, is an opportunity to meet your loved ones and derive positive energy and joy from being in a nice and friendly environment. Pregnancy is no longer just worries and fears. Today, "trucks" have the right to enjoy, have fun and live these nine months in a unique and exciting way. Today it's just fashionable to be a mom!