Cum party

Cum party

Stork, abdominal, baby shower… many names, one cell

- make the mother-to-be happy and have fun!

There are many names to describe this beautiful custom of "belly party". In Poland, these events are not as popular as in other countries, especially under the name Baby Shower, but fortunately they are already finding more and more followers.

What is a Baby Shower?

Colorful decorations, baby clothes, diaper cake, games, games and rituals – all this creates a unique atmosphere of a belly party. Such a meeting can be a great gift for a mother-to-be, who at the end of pregnancy has more and more concerns and fears related to childbirth and the baby's health. During the party, she will be able to relax with her loved ones and dispel her fears, thanks to really good advice from my friends.

Who is organizing the party?

According to the custom, the belly party is organized by women from the closest surroundings of the future mother and only women should participate in this event.. Usually, the hostess is the sister, a cousin or friend of the future mother. She is in charge of the entire undertaking and is responsible for inviting guests, preparation of the menu, choosing a place and decorating it, organizing the entire list of games and competitions or… cooperates with a professional company, who takes on the burden of organizing the party. So much, when it comes to customs. And how is it really? if you are:

sister, cousin, friend, mom, the aunt of the future mother,
future dad's best friend, friend of the house,
a colleague of the future mom or dad,
will organize a baby shower party. We can help and make it happen, that it will be unforgettable moments and great fun.

The idea for a Baby Shower party may also be a future mother, who wants to share the joy of waiting for a baby with her friends or a future dad, who wants to surprise his “truck” or celebrate alone with friends.

However, if you want to celebrate together and enjoy the upcoming change in your life, what undoubtedly is the birth of a new family member, this offer of a co-educational party is for you.

When to have a belly party?

The best time to organize a baby shower is the third trimester of pregnancy. Then everything starts to revolve around the baby that is about to be born. It is also a great time to give gifts to the mother-to-be, which will help complete the layette. Check with the birth calculator, is it time for your belly party.

If you want to traditionally celebrate the birth of a baby after its birth, there is nothing to stop you, to organize a baby shower after delivery. We can help you with this as well.