Mother's Day around the world

Mother's Day is a holiday, which is celebrated almost all over the world. This day is to remind you of the hardships, what a mother puts in the upbringing of her children. This holiday should make us aware, that moms deserve gratitude and respect for their sacrifice, love, labor, which they put into the upbringing of children. In all cultures, Moms are worshiped in some way, choć odbywa się to on different terms and at different times. Mother's Day Story begins with the worship of ancient goddesses, which symbolized fertility and harvest. Thus, from ancient Greece and ancient Rome, the Feast of the Mother spread throughout the world.

Dzień Matki w Meksyku obchodzi się 10 house i jest jednym z najważniejszych świąt w roku. It begins with a Holy Mass. in honor of the Blessed Virgin. On this day, every mother receives a festive breakfast, which consists of traditional Mexican dishes. Meksykańskie presents bywają bardzo kosztowne.

Canadian Mother's Day wypada w the second Sunday of May i jest tam jednym z najpopularniejszych świąt. Many people wear flowers to their clothes on Mother's Day, usually they are cloves. Moms are gifted with theater tickets, bonami do markowych sklepów lub ręcznie wykonanymi cards i upominkami. Kanadyjczycy starają się spend this day very family. The youngest ones bake cakes and cookies.

In many countries, Mother's Day is celebrated then, when Women's Day, That is 8.03. Mongolia it is the only country, wherein Mother's Day is celebrated twice: 1.06 i 8.03.