First names letter E

First names letter E.

Edgar – happiness and prosperity favors him in his life. Wealth, which he often achieves is the result of a struggle for existence. However, this is not a sneaky fight. A sharp mind.
Name day: 10 June, 8 July
Edmund – constant, loyal, diplomatic character. Has innate managerial abilities. Upset, he tells the truth in the eye and exposes himself to his surroundings.
Name day: 30 October, 16 November, 20 November, 1 of December
Edward – outstanding individuality, who likes to go their own ways. A good conciliator in difficult matters. Perceptive. He likes the warmth of a home hearth.
Name day: 5 January, 18 brand, 13 October
Edwin – charming, nice, lucky in life. Other people often strive for his friendship, attracted by his ingenuity and initiative.
Name day: 11 brand, 18 house, 4 October
stay – a belligerent person. No power or domination. He does not take adversity into account. Standing and having the ability to lead others.
Name day: 15 July
Elijah – calm, balanced, often very religious. He has great intuition.
Name day: 20 July
Eligius – composed and calm, fair. A man with great ideals, but fond of going their own ways.
Emanuel – fair, God-fearing, balanced. Trusting in God's providence.
Name day: 26 brand
Emil – nature fond of eternal competition with others. Competition on all episodes of his life, this is the most powerful feature of his character.
Name day: 22 house, 5 of August, 8 of August, 6 October, 11 October, 14 November
Erasmus – oh nice, graceful exterior, who loves and wants to be loved. He is welcome in the company and as a traveling companion.
Name day: 2 June, 25 November
Ernest – decided, critical mind. He has a literary and discovery talent. He is characterized by a willingness to fight and is determined to do everything in it. A good merchant. He is welcome in the company.
Name day: 12 January, 13 brand, 27 brand, 13 July
Erwin – ambitious, he values ​​above all the honor of himself and of his home. He willingly serves in the army.
Name day: 19 January, 16 April, 24 April, 18 July
Eric – critical and balanced mind. Usually she is highly revered by other people. Good orator. Agile.
Name day: 9 February, 18 house
Eugene – noble, emotional, caring for the family. He likes home, loves nature. As far as possible, helps others.
Name day: 4 January, 4 brand, 2 June, 8 July, 13 July, 6 September, 13 November, 30 of December
Eustace – he likes peace and harmony in coexistence with other people. He likes traveling and the comforts of life. He knows the human psyche perfectly.
Name day: 20 February, 29 brand, 16 July, 20 September, 3 October, 12 October
Eusebius – upright, compatible, fair, analyzing everything. He loves nature.
Name day: 31 January, 12 July, 2 of August, 14 of August, 26 September, 16 of December