First names letter K

First names letter K.

Kamil – great nature lover. He likes poetry and the beauty of his surroundings. Versatile. Restless, he likes traveling. Sometimes capable of jealousy.
Name day: 14 July, 18 July, 25 September
Callist – critical, changeable, can get angry easily. Esthete, he likes beauty in all its forms
Name day:
Karol – simple honest, fond of nature. Conservative. Obliging, with great initiative. A good advisor.
Name day: 28 January, 3 June, 4 June, 4 November
Kasper – protective, frugal, trustworthy, good advisor. He likes comforts and honors.
Name day: 6 January
Casimir – noble and honest. Has great organizational skills. Skeptical about the world and people. He likes gambling.
Name day: 4 brand, 22 brand
Kęstutis – brave and brave. Possessed. Patient and persistent in pursuing his goal.
Name day:
Claudius – hesitant, insecure. changeable. Possessed, but he can also be impatient.
Name day: 15 February, 26 April, 6 June, 7 July, 30 October, 8 November
Clement – delicate, mild-mannered, calm. Patient, understanding. Sensitive, emotional.
Name day: 23 January, 13 February, 15 brand, 23 November
Konrad – bold, bold in making judgments. He can advise others and guarantees the implementation of these advice.
Name day: 14 February, 19 February, 21 April, 1 June, 1 of August, 4 October, 21 November, 26 November
Constantine – constant, strong, unchanging in his decisions and beliefs. He likes a regulated lifestyle. Right and consistent.
Name day: 17 February, 11 brand, 26 of August, 30 November
Cornell – nice in relations with the environment. A keen observer. Cheerful and cheerful. Understanding, with a lot of humor. Noble. He likes to exhort to social work.
Name day: 16 September
Kryspin – good and cheerful. Frugal. He doesn't like responsibility. It throws it onto others. He tries to twist her by all means.
Name day:
Christian – has the ability to do fine arts. Good, noble and obliging. Melancholy. A bit of an enthusiast.
Name day: 4 of December
Xavier – noble, Good, sensitive, engaging. A good advisor. In favor of the surroundings. It creates warmth around itself, cordial friendships.
Name day: 31 January, 3 of December