Names letter L

Names letter L.

Lech – bold, but also changeable. Often good, but also inconstant. Even hypocritical under unfavorable conditions. He likes money, convenience, good living conditions. Clever.
Name day: 28 February, 12 of August
Leon – bold, combat, imperious. Good orator. Has leadership abilities. A bit lazy and lethargic.
Name day: 20 February, 14 brand, 11 April, 19 April, 22 April, 12 June, 28 June, 3 July, 17 July, 20 July, 10 November, 16 November
Leonard – brave and strong in his endeavors. He strives for power and has the capacity of a leader.
Name day: 27 February, 6 November, 26 November, 27 November
Leopold – a good commander in the army and a leader of the people. He is not discouraged by obstacles, likes to beat them. He boldly defends his position.
Name day: 15 November
Longinus – he likes peace and meditation. He likes to stay in seclusion. In the company of boring. Slightly agile. He is sometimes clumsy.
Name day: 15 brand, 2 house, 29 October
Lubomir – good and noble. A good conciliator. Through his attitude towards others, he earns respect and recognition.
Name day:
Red snapper – sunny, Good, righteous and honest. He has the gift of winning over people. Sensitive. He likes peace.
Name day: 7 January, 11 February, 27 house, 13 June
Louis – has the qualities of a good warrior, loud and famous. Likes to lead others . Caring and resourceful. He always aims to gain an advantage over his opponent.
Name day: 31 January, 15 brand, 19 of August, 25 of August, 9 October

Luke – methodical, analyzing everything. He has a good memory. Has managerial abilities. He likes ordering. It is limited in operation.
Name day: 17 February, 22 April, 10 September, 18 October, 31 October