First names letter M

First names letter M.

Maciej – petty, changeable. It's easy to throw him off balance. He likes long journeys and gambling. Has organizational skills.
Name day: 30 January, 24 February, 25 February, 14 house, 11 November
makary – lucky, good for others. Right, fair, upright. Satisfied with his fate.
Name day: 2 January, 15 January, 28 February, 10 brand, 10 April
Max – born leader. bold, a creative mind not without sensitivity. He enjoys competition in all his endeavors.
Name day: 29 house, 14 of August, 12 October, 27 November
Manfred – engaging, protective, giving protection to the weaker. Fans of peace and provides it to his own family. A good conciliator. Nice and cheerful.
Name day: 4 October
Marcin – creative mind with great authority. Not overbearing, although ambitious. He is bursting with humor. He is devoted to home and family, although sometimes selfish.
Name day: 30 January, 13 April, 8 October, 24 October, 3 November, 11 November, 7 of December, 29 of December
Marek – hidden, loyal and self-confident. Independent thinker. He values ​​freedom of thought and action. He likes personal comforts. a bit lazy.
Name day: 13 brand, 24 brand, 11 April, 25 April, 8 house, 18 June, 7 September, 28 September, 7 October, 16 November, 22 November
Marian – likes to overcome opponents. Intelligent. capable. changeable. Good strategist. Ambitious, has the gift of leadership. A good conciliator.
Name day: 30 April, 1 July, 11 October, 17 October
Matthew – responsible, wanting to bring everyone relief from their troubles in life. kindly. Sensitive. A great philanthropist.
Name day: 21 September, 12 November
Maurice – energetic, always busy, you can always rely on his word. A good financier, industrialist or merchant. Changeable. Power hungry.
Name day: 22 September, 13 October
Melchior – protective. Bringing good and helping others. Keeping your word. It has the capacity to settle disputes. Imperious
Name day: 6 January, 7 September, 7 November
Michael – sunny, engaging. Agile, who can advise. He often takes on more than he can handle. devoted to home and family.
Name day: 2 brand, 14 brand, 10 April, 4 house, 8 house, 23 house, 14 June, 20 June, 5 July, 25 of August, 6 September, 29 September
Mieczyslaw – creative, nimble, able to parry blows inflicted on him and his loved ones. A bit belligerent. Bold, fond of fame and honors.
Name day: 1 January
Santa Claus – calm, noble. Cultural, subtle. Astute. A bit melancholic. He likes long and wide journeys, good acquaintances.
Name day: 21 brand, 9 house, 19 house, 2 June, 9 July, 10 September, 13 October, 13 November, 6 of December
Milosz – Good, calm, liked by those around him. Balanced, helpful and righteous. Willingly seen in any company. A bit of a chatterbox.
Name day: 25 January
Miron – liked by those around him. Fair. Radiant with kindness and seriousness.
Name day:
Miroslaw – is accurate, he likes order. A good conciliator. He likes peace and knows how to create it. Imperious, but in a good sense.
Name day: 26 February
Modest – mild, nice, Good. Prudent. Humble, straightforward, not demanding too much for yourself.
Name day:
Mstislaw – bright, clever. Warlike. Striving for fame by taking revenge on his enemies.
Name day: